A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Lord Zevrion Greywolf

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Madison Isaac

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PostSubject: Lord Zevrion Greywolf   Mon May 04, 2015 3:40 pm


In Character

Name: Zevrion Greywolf
Gender: Male
Rank/Title: Lord


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Serena and Endymion Greywolf
Grandparents: James and Helen Greywolf / Daris and Kayla Sorian
Siblings: Only Child
Aunts & Uncles:TBA
Nieces & Nephews: N/A
Cousins: TBA
Children: Ilmarinen (7 years old) (Wife is expecting a second child)
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Lightly Tanned
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Just down his Neck
Eye color: Blue
Size: 6,1
Build: Strong, but lean
Celebrity Playby Viggo Mortensen


Crushes: N/A
Mates/Spouse: Anna Greywolf (nee Silvertongue)
Status: Married

-How I act-

Personality: Zevrion maybe Lord by title but he doesn't much like the stigma that comes with it. However this doesn't mean he isn't good to his people or his land. Many of this people like him for his down to earth way of running this, he talks to his people as they are all equals. He is a very independant Man and rarely ever has the manor staff do anything for him that he can do himself. Of course he knew running the land is more then one man can do, but isn't unheard of for him to cook his own dinner for himself and his family once in a while.

However when pushed Zevrion knows just how to wield his power and is a expert in military strategy and combat. He is a loyal man to his people, his land and his family and will defend them as a whole with his life. He also respects those of the same qualities, even if they are against him they still have his respect. But he is a proud man at heart also, like man Lord houses he won't let other lord walk over him.


Personal Background
Zevrion is the only son and child of Serena and Endymion Greywolf, they tried for years to have more children, to secure their line in case something happened to their son but it never came. And thankfully Zevrion was a healthy and remarkably smart boy, and grew to make his parents proud. He excelled in his studies at a fast speed as boy and it left a lot of time for him to cause trouble on his own. Playing pranks on some of to soldiers, and convincing visitors of their land that he was no more then a woodcutters son. For him it was alot of fun watching their faces when they realized who he really was.

When he entered his teen years Whitewood came under attack by a massive dragon, they were in the process of evacuation
when the dragon struck a hard blow to the lords house and knock Zevrion unconscious. However when he when awoke after his rescue from his burning manor he was told his parents were taken by the dragon and were likely Dead. Then he was made Lord at the age of 14 and he spend much of his first year trying to find the true fate of his parents. Had they really died or had they somehow survived and were out there somewhere trying to get back home. But after a year, his manner was in a poor state and he could barely afford to keep his people fed. So he had to give up his quest to find the truth about his parents and start being a real lord and take care of his people.

Despite his young age and a bad first year of leadership, Zevrion turned his land around if a few short years and his rein. He personally helped in hunts for food and earn the trust of his men when he first lost it. When he was 18 Whitewood was back to it former glory to before the horrible dragon attack. He still wished to find what happened to his parents or the dragon for that matter. It concerned him for some time the Dragon might return to his home and destroy it again. Dragon were territorial, with large territories, it was reasonable the it could return if it yet still lived. To be safe he still kept a few scouts out looking for signs of dragons but other then that he focused on his duties.

They bordered a country that often had caravan comes through there marketplace to trade or their Whitewood, Knowing there native tongue was a good skill to have while trading with them as they tended to look down on those who didn't speak there language.. as they saw it as a sign of disrespect. Hence why he asked about for Translators trained in negotiations, when word came to him from Lord Silvertongue that his daughter would working with him he accepted readily after all the Silvertongue diplomates were ones of legend.

When he first laid eyes on the young Lady Anna Silvertongue, he found quite her beautiful and after learning her credentials of living up to the Silvertongue name he decided he had to meet her, in his own sneaky way of course. He dressed the part of a woodcutter and met her when she out on the grounds. Where he humbly chatted with her and he found her quite enjoyable to talk with she was even charming which was a quality he found lacking in ladies of high birth. Later that evening he had her invited to eat dinner in the hall with his small council and a few guard captains where he revealed who he really was and he found her quite cute that she got all embarrassed and flustered at recalling their first meeting. He invited her to sit on his right at the dinner table where he could talk with her and where his guard captains wouldn't dare bother her. He admired her loyalty to her family and believed she had the very right to be.. to have a big close family like hers was nothing to forsake. After a few years he asked for her hand in marriage and he was honoured when she accepted and her father approved as well.

They tried for a child for a few years and when none came he worried something might be wrong, he loved Anna very much of course nothing could change that, but it was for that reason he wanted a child with her. He also believe she would be a wonderful mother. So he crossed his fingers and hoped the Maesters efforts to helped, and eventually he could have been the happiest and most proudest man alive when he heard Anna was to have a child and he dotted on her as much she allowed him to. When his son was born it was one of the proudest moments of his life.

Zevrion loved being a father, even though he was a touch over protective and had to be talked down a little for fear of spoiling the boy. But with every chance he got he was there with his son, not wanting to waste even a moment of time with him. For he knew time was precious.

When Anna received word of her younger brothers exile he offered what help he could, he had met young Micah a few times the knew the boy had a Mischievous streak a mile long but he head a hard time accepting he deserved exile. He offered to send support to the younger man but it was unclear if his message was intercepted or declined.

Then grave news struck some years later when they got word Anna father and younger brother were killed in a brutal ambush.. he had sent his own scouts to the fight as well and even they had been killed. He had a feeling Anna wished to return to Riverstone and he was prepared to help her do just that and prepare a force to keep her safe for the trip as well as provide protecting for his In-laws manner upon arrival. As he heard from his sources the Frosts were moving in on them and he would be damned if he let his wife family be kicked when they were already down.

He does not yet know that his wife also bares there second child.

Family House Background
The Greywolf house is unique in the world of Nobles, they are a known exceptional hunting skills as well as being very good rogue trained fighters. Not the best to put on the front lines of a fight but perfect scouts to scope a battlefield to the last detail. Due to their Rogue-ish nature they prefer not to make a spectacle of themselves even those of a lordly title wear armour no different then lower ranks. What makes the Nobles of Greywolf house different is their education and acceptance of others, by gender, race and origin. When a possible marriage with the Silvertongue family became possible no one objected, and it was believed it would make there house stronger.

Valuable Item on there land other then their man power and skill is the Whitewood forest. A forest of white wood trees that is a beautiful smooth wood that is coveted by artists and craftsmen to make high class works of art.

-Other information-

Harsh Temper
Talented Liar
Too Independant
Limited Joint Movement/Joint Pain

Very Fast learner
Sneaky Sense of Humour
Open minded

Theme song:(optional: A song the inspires your character)
Misc Information: (Optional, Just anything extra you want to add about your Character)
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Lord Zevrion Greywolf
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