A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Game of Thrones Lore and Locations

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Madison Isaac

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PostSubject: Game of Thrones Lore and Locations   Sat Jul 02, 2016 9:00 pm

I thought maybe writing out  some canon Locations and Lore in Game of Thrones might strike some ideas to put into RP, there are just ideas that don't need to be used. Thought it might be helpful though.

-The Wall-
A 300 mile long Wall of ice that keeps beings north of it from being allowed to move South. Land North of the wall is harsh, usually always covered in snow. Inhabited by Wildlings or Free Folk as the call themselves, they bow to no king and will kill any Crow they see if need be. There are also undead beings beyond the wall as well, magic prevents them going past the Wall, but they want nothing more then to pass it, for that to be possible a magical object called the Horn of Winter must be found. When blown it will break the magic on the wall and it will crumble. The Horn of Winter however has not been found for a thousand years. The Wall is also home to the Crows of the Nights Watch. Their main keep is called Castle Black and it is commanded by the Lord Commander.

Highgarden is a land known for it beauty, fertile land and pleasurable weather. It supplies Kingslanding and many lands in Westeros  with food, Animals and other necessities of life. The lords in Highgarden are powerful with the second largest army in the kingdoms next the crown. They are also the second most wealthy family next to the Lanncaster Family. Bastards born or raised in Highgarden are Named Flowers. (Highgarden and Dorne are close Allies)

Dorne is the southern most land in Westeros and it is mostly desert, unlike most kingdoms in Westeros they are mostly independant of the Crown. The Dornish consider their lord their Prince, he would be their King if saying so was not considered treason to the crown. Bastards are more accepted in Dorne, Royal bastards are trained to be assassins called Sand Snakes. Bastards born in Dorne and have the name Sand.

-Slavers Bay (Essos)-
A port city in Essos, it is ruled by the Masters, men who profit the most from the slave trade over the three main cities on the coast. Meereen, Yunkai and Astapor. All three cities have the same things in common, treatment of slaves isn't a concern of anyone, you buy them you can do whatever you want with them. Train them to fight as a private army and sell them to the highest bidder. Throw them in to fighting pits and bet on which one survives, or turn them into a servant and have them clean, raise children, tend a field.. anything. If they are not to your satisfation you can kill them, beat them, starve them, sell them again.. And no one will think anything of it. The slave cities run on slaves.

-Dothraki Sea-
It is Dothraki territory, not really a sea. The Dothraki are horse lord barbarians, Nomadic hordes that roam the land raiding villiages leaving destruction where ever they go. They value strength above all else, if you are weak then they will kill you or capture you to be their slave. Dothraki travel in clans called khalasars, and their leaders are called Khal, only Khals can offically get married, their wifes are called Khaleesi. The influence a Khaleesi has over a Khalasar is dependent on the Khal and how much power he gives her. She could have the roll of a queen and co-leader making decisions for the whole Khalasar along with her husband. Or she could mean less then a horse whose only purpose is to give the Khal strong sons.
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Game of Thrones Lore and Locations
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