A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Lady Anna Greywolf

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Dorian Leventhal

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PostSubject: Lady Anna Greywolf   Thu May 14, 2015 8:40 am


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub
Age: Almost 30

In Character
Name: Anna Greywolf (nee Silvertongue)
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Rank/Title: Lady


Parents: Oran and Joanna Silvertongue
Grandparents: TBA
Siblings: Connor (27), Micah (25), Elizabeth (15), Elias (15), Torin (10), and Rachel ( 8 )
Aunts & Uncles: TBA
Nieces & Nephews: TBA
Cousins: TBA
Children: Ilmarinen (7 years old); expecting a second child
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Blue
Size: 5’ 9”
Build: Slender
Celebrity Playby Liv Tyler


Crushes: N/A
Mates/Spouse: Zevrion Greywolf
Status: Married

-How I act-

Anna appears to have acquired all of the best (and perhaps even some of the worst) qualities of both parents. From her father, she measures her words carefully before speaking – in most cases. From her mother, Anna prefers not to argue... but she can and will stand her ground with all the strength of the fiercest black bear if she has to. Sometimes Anna comes across as being bossy or pushy; this is just part of the territory from her childhood station as the eldest Silvertongue child.

She is a very well read woman, and adores music even if she doesn’t feel she can play it adequately... despite hearing otherwise from friends and family alike. Her passion for art, regardless of the form or medium, is similar to that of her love for music. Her greatest and most challenging point of intrigue, however, remains firm in the attempted self-study of the Higher Mysteries.

Anna has been and will always be the Lady Diplomat at heart. She is quick to observe the societal niceties and gestures of hospitality, and there is nothing quite like making a superb first impression to complete strangers. While generosity to the just-met is possible, Anna tends to take to heart an old phrase regarding a man and fishery: “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry”... at least when it comes to something she knows how to do.

Generosity, loyalty, and duty are the core items Anna believes are most important when her family is concerned. She will do anything asked of her to the letter, with as few mistakes as possible, in order to achieve a goal for or to please that person. Her sense of what is and isn’t honorable has been the focal point of her moral compass since it was instilled in her from early childhood. She tries to instill the same into her son whenever possible, which has resulted in some strict parenting from time to time.

It is generally wise not to cross Anna. She has no qualms with dealing harsh punishments, and once her temper flares the blood in her veins runs ice cold. It would not be unlike her to swear in multiple languages or speak in multilingual, disjointed sentences when she is on the threshold of losing her temper. While Anna tries to maintain a wholesome, honorable image... it should be known that once the eldest Silvertongue child has been crossed, she can and will use her innate charisma to seek revenge for whatever wrong may have befallen her or her family.


Personal Background
Anna is the firstborn child of Joanna and Oran Silvertongue. For the first two years of her life, Anna was Mommy’s and Daddy’s little princess. However, as the number of siblings continued to increase, Anna couldn’t help but feel like her lofty place on the totem pole had been swiped out from under her by Connor and Micah. Anna quickly began to resent Connor’s more active schooling – learning to wield weapons, ride a horse, and so on. She was stuck with more docile activities like embroidery, sewing, and the like... things she felt, and sometimes still feels, as though she utterly fails in. Even some of Connor and Micah’s bookwork wasn’t taught to Anna purely on the basis of gender, and she hated that. She eventually learned how to wield a sword, though her skill was nothing compared to her younger brothers. Anna also learned how to use a crossbow, and made it her weapon of choice since she could match her brothers bolt for bolt in contests of skill.

Instead of constantly dwelling on her jealousy, Anna instead turned to learning everything she could about anything. Anna learned about her family’s heritage – how the Silvertongues were linguists and translators, while the Fosters were the most skilled craftsmen money could buy – and decided it was in the accumulation of knowledge that she would find her true calling. Like many a Silvertongue before Anna, she was bilingual from her first few words. She soaked up new languages like a sponge. By the tender age of ten she knew how to speak just as many languages with the fluency of their native speakers. Anna made it her own tradition to learn a new language, or as much as she could of it, within one year’s time. For her academic applications, Oran and Joanna allowed Anna to sit on the Small Council as Chief Junior Diplomat-in-Training. Joanna’s only worry about this was that some things might be beyond a little girl’s understanding. As she got a little older, Anna was also granted tasks at the Riverstone Library as a Junior Translator.

When Anna wasn’t academically or linguistically engrossed with a project, she was taking care of her siblings. For Connor, Anna was either nursing his wounds from combat practice or helping him learn the finer points of diplomacy and linguistics. She was constantly angry with Micah and his shenanigans whenever she had to deal with it on her own. Anna learned to have a much greater level of patience when dealing with children by the time the twins were born, and as a result had very few problems watching over or instructing them.

Once in her early teenage years, and after having proven herself an able diplomat, Oran named Anna the official junior ambassador to House Greywolf, where she would swiftly meet her future husband. Their first meeting was something of a surprise, for Lord Zevrion Greywolf had disguised himself as a wood cutter. Anna was startled and embarrassed to learn that the wood cutter she had spoken to so informally was in fact Lord Zevrion. She worried that the man would take offense to how her words were carried, and was relieved to hear the contrary.

Anna was married to Lord Zevrion some years later, just after her seventeenth birthday, and left to live with her husband in Whitewood, to the far north. She promised Elizabeth and Elias, who were very young at the time, that she would visit frequently; and Anna kept that promise.

For five years, Anna and her husband tried to have a baby. The Maester to House Greywolf performed some medical tests, and found Anna to have some fertility issues. At the Maester’s urging Anna began a regimen of fertility tonics, and at the age of twenty three she conceived and bore a son. Anna wanted to give her son a name from a distant land, and eventually settled on the name Ilmarinen.

Anna sends and receives regular correspondence from her family back in Riverstone. Her biggest shock was receiving a letter from Micah during his exile to Zinat, and finding a foreign coin attached to the letter.

Amidst mourning for the loss of her father and Connor, and those of the army who lie dead with them, Anna has learned she is once again pregnant. Her heart is torn between convincing her husband to allow a visit to Riverstone, despite the probable danger such a trip might entail... especially if she took the most direct route through the treacherous territory of Shadow Grove... or informing her husband of the pregnancy and risk being told to stay home, where it’s safe.

Family House Background

Anna has married into the Greywolf family.

The Silvertongue family have been at the head of Riverstone for many generations. They are a house of linguists with the power of many different words and tongues. Diplomats from many other lands sought their assistance in dealing with their homeland. In recent generations however a grand silver mine was discovered in the heart of their land, and houses that had once been their allies now seek rights to the mine as well. With the mine brought great riches to Riverstone and its people, but with it brought war and betrayal as well. It has been up to the reigning Lord to determine who gets rights to mine some of their silver and who can't. So far, with a moderate army and good diplomats, they have kept House wars at bay. However with a young now Lord on the silver throne many believe the balance has tipped.

-Other information-

- Prideful
- Icy, vindictive temper
- Not physically strong
- Potential workaholic to the point of complete and utter exhaustion
- Lacks some confidence in non-linguistic activities... though tries to hide it

- Charismatic
- Polyglot (at least 15 languages; can distinguish a total of 50 different dialectical differences)
- Level-headed
- Resourceful
- Courageous

Theme song: Fires at Midnight by Blackmore’s Night

Misc Information: (Optional, Just anything extra you want to add about your Character)
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Lady Anna Greywolf
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