A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Kayden KcKenna

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Madison Isaac

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PostSubject: Kayden KcKenna   Sun Mar 27, 2016 2:05 am


In Character

Name: Kayden "Kay" McKenna
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Career: 9th Grade Student


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Finley and Miranda KcKenna
Grandparents: Robert and Eileen McKenna
Siblings: None
Aunts & Uncles: Ashley, Indiana, and Logan
Nieces & Nephews: N/A
Cousins: shley, Jordan, Cassandra, Lacey, and Quinn
Children: N/A
Grandkids: N/A


Skin color: Light
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair length: Passed his hears
Eye color: Brown
Size: 5,5
Build: Skinny
Celebrity Playby Dylan Schmid


Crushes: Zoe
Mates/Spouse: N/A
Status: Single

-How I act-

Personality: Kayden comes from a family that seems to like personal conflict, between the tense relationship with his father and just about everyone in his family and his mothers disdainful attitude towards his father, Kay has a habit of trying pretend he doesn't notice these things things going on around him. As a little kid he would put on a favorite movie on turn the volume up to cover up the shouts. As Kay got older he turned to music on his phone or playing a video game to drown out his worries of the world.

If he were ever in trouble, weather he didn't do his homework or he got caught doing something he shouldn't he can get very defensive. He can't stand anyone being up in his face about something, he then pushes them away with sarcasm and snappy quips of attitude til he is left alone. It usually take a while for Kay to get over a fight depending how intense a fight is, sometimes days after a fight he would still avoid the whoever was mad at him.

If no one is fighting however Kay loves playing games, telling jokes and simply hanging around. Usually if a friend needs help with something Kay is the first to volunteer to help if he can. If he can't then he likes to offer moral support. He is a loyal friend if anything, he would stand by a friend through anything if they have his loyalty and trust.

After the virus hit the world and everyone seemed to want to fight over the smallest of precious supplies and all of Kay's normal ways of dealing with stress are all lacking in the end of the world. Kay has a increasing hard time adapting and may have a tendency for depression and extreme lashes in mood.


Your Story Please?
Kayden was born to Miranda and Finley McKenna. Kayden commonly named Kay for short was an adorable baby boy with his brown curly locks of hair and big curious brown eyes, when he was happy is was rewarding to see. He was however a sensitive baby. Would cry when things didn't go the way he wanted, or when someone yelled to loudly around him. However he was also easily amused as well, tell him a story in a happy voice or tickle him and he was as right as rain again.

When he started school it was a fun time for the boy, he love playing with the other kids and playing games. His teachers were really nice to him as well, so pre-school and kindergarten he loved it.

Things were fairly simple for a young Kay, his parents would argue from time to time he remembered his mother getting annoyed when his father forgot to get balloons for his birthday party once. He didn't really like it when his parents weren't happy about something centered on him. But he pretended not to notice and simply show his parents a picture he made to distract them and make them happy about something again. But as he got older things just seemed to dial up between his parents and it was harder to ignore particularly when they yelled loud enough for him to hear over his TV. The fights even led him to not finishing his homework for school and his big brown eyes could only get him so much sympathy before he was given detention and a note to bring home to his parents.

They both sat him down and started asking questions about what was going on with him, but he didn't want to say the reason so he just shrugged and told them he didn't know. He was sent to his room after finishing his homework that evening and wasn't allowed to watch TV. He lay in his bed moping when his Dad entered his room to try chatting with him again about his performance in school. On a promise from his dad he wouldn't get in trouble to telling him what was bothering him he explained it was hard to concentrate when his Dad and Mom were yelling at each other so much and most of the time it sounded like they were fighting because of him. After that his parents decided to separate, for which he blamed himself for at first. But after a while since they were apart there were no fights and things were slightly more pleasant at home. Even if only one of his parents was home.

He still got to visit his Dad and it was usually fun when they were on there own, though it got awkward when his mom was around and glared at his Dad. It always seemed to ruin it. He was at his dads apartment one day when his Moms new boyfriend came over and fought with his Dad. He didn't catch what it was about, but they were yelling rather heatedly about something and he happened to walk over to see what was up to see his Father get punched in the face by the man. He protested and wanted to help his Dad. All out pleading with the man to leave his father alone, he was eventually dragged off and Kay stayed by his fathers side. Not about to forgive his mothers boyfriend anytime soon.

After his parents officially divorced Kay returned to somewhat of a routine and flourished in school again. Even getting a crush on a girl in his class. Not that he would admit it to either of his parents.. at least not right away. Then news started to circulate about a nasty flu bug that was going around and it was killing people. Kay never thought much about it, he never thought it would happen to him or his family only other people. But it happened, a kid in his class was sick and his school was quickly closed. His mother came to pick him up and brought him home. The next day he was in bed feeling like death slightly warmed over. His mom of course took care of him. But after a few days she became sick as well, she tried to call an ambulance only to find out the hospitals were quarantined. Kay managed to pick himself up put of bed one day to find his mother had collapsed by his bedroom door. Still very weak himself he tried to get his mother into his bed and he barely managed to do that with out nearly fainting. Scared for his mother he called the only other person he could think of at the moment his Dad. His Dad sounded panicked over the phone, he apparently was trying to get out of a hospital before he got locked in side. But he was promised he would come find him soon as he could.

However it wasn't soon enough for Kay, everyone in his neighborhood was exposed to the virus and the survivors of it became more panicked and confused as the days wore on. Kay tried to look after his mom but their food was running out as well as their medicines. Kay himself wasn't in good health yet either and he need food, so he gathered what energy he had left and he went out side to find something to eat, he managed to get a couple energy bars out of a corner store that had been abandon, when he returned to check on his mother she was gone. The teenager remained in shock and he didn't know for how long until raiders entered his house to steal what little he had left. Luckily they weren't interested in harming him and merely left him outside his house with a single energy bar he had taken earlier and the clothes he wore.

Later Kay was picked up by a friend of his and allowed to stay with them, However Kay was not in the best of minds he just lost his mother, he had yet to hear back from his father and he was still trying to recover from his own illness that almost killed him. Unfortunately things went bad to worse in the city and his friends family didn't want to bring Kay along as they feared he would get them killed or he would merely be dead weight on the group.

After he was abandoned he walked back in the direction of his house, he stopped by a supermarket a thought entered his mind maybe there were supplies still in there. The market was a mess, broken glass was everywhere.. rotting food was scattered on the floor. He was so distracted with the disgusting mess he didn't move fast enough when another looter pushed past him rather roughly. Making him hit his head and loose conscientiousness on the market floor, he also managed to get his leg cut up with the shards of glass when he fell making him loose blood. Blood he really couldn't afford to loose. When he woke up again he felt horrible and all he wanted to do was get home and collapse in his bed. But actually getting home was harder then he thought it would be. He could hardly believe it when he saw his grandfather looking over him and treating his leg wound. The painful process of treating it caused him to pass out. But he felt a little better waking up knowing he was at least with his Grandfather and not someone he had to worry would abandon him.

They arrived at his Dad apartment and waited for his Dad to come back, he was curious why his father hadn't come to help him when he called...

-Other information-

-Tends to push certain people away when he feels valnerable.
-Easily provoked to anger
-Tends to hold grudges/finds it hard to forgive anyone that hurts him
-To prideful
-Tendency for depression after virus hits

-Feels compassion for others in pain and would try and help.
-Stubborn (could also be a weakness, but he never gives up on something important to him)
-Selfless if someone he loves is in trouble or danger
-Smart, is a quick learner, can pick up skills quickly if puts his minds to it.

Favorite Color: Dark Blue
Theme song:Renegades | X Ambassadors
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Kayden KcKenna
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