A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Maester Iestyn

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Dorian Leventhal

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PostSubject: Maester Iestyn   Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:12 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub
Age: Almost 30
Note: My muse loves espresso... and I have issues with caffeine Razz

In Character
Name: Iestyn
Age: 55
Gender: Male
Rank/Title: Maester


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Zebulun and Delilah Baines
Grandparents: Nathan and Maria Baines; John and Rue Falk
Siblings: Cedric, Frederick, Nathan, John, Delilah, Maria
Aunts & Uncles: Several
Nieces & Nephews: Several
Cousins: Several
Children: None
Grandkids: None


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Hazel
Size: 6’ 1”
Build: Slim-Average
Celebrity Playby Alan Rickman


Crushes: None
Mates/Spouse: None
Status: Celibate... or so he claims

-How I act-

Iestyn was a very different person as a child than as he is now. As a child he was an apathetic, ambitionless, spoiled brat who would gladly participate in insubordination if it meant irritating his siblings’ chain of command. Because the eldest sibling would receive the greatest praise, and subsequent siblings less praise, Iestyn saw little point in doing his best at his chores. This mentality continued until his parents sent him away to train with the Order of Maesters.

Iestyn quickly learned to value many things he had disregarded in his youth. The extent and variety of his education was the first thing to go on a pedestal, and the apathetic laziness was the first trait to be abandoned. He enjoyed playing mind games with his fellows, pitting one against the other and watching with delight at the results that ensued. Iestyn acquired a taste for ambition, going so far as to thirst for knowledge forgotten and seemingly forbidden. His thirst for such learning has become so dire that he is not beneath pursuing such a study in secret...with mixed results.

To those he cares little for, such as most of his family, Iestyn easily comes across as an arrogant snob. He can carry a courtly attitude when necessary, but an undercurrent of his disdain for a disliked person remains unmistakable in his tone. No one has ever seen Iestyn become physically hostile towards another individual, regardless of how far he has been angered. Iestyn prefers quiet subtleties such as words, or poisons, as opposed to outright aggressiveness.

Family is an already-stated sore spot for Iestyn. The man only acknowledges his sister, Maria, and a select few within the extended family as his kin. Other than these hand-picked selections, Iestyn considers his family to be the Lords and Ladies of House Silvertongue. Iestyn treats any of these named individuals with as much loyalty and generosity as he can muster for a man of his station.

Although a Maester is required to remain neutral, Iestyn still retains some tendency for bias – though don’t expect him to ever admit such a thing during a siege. There are some vows Iestyn took as a Maester that he follows rigorously... and then there are some he only took to complete his training, which he considers to be more of a guideline than a true oath.


Personal Background:
Iestyn was the seventh and last child blessed to parents Zebulun and Delilah Baines. Four brothers and two sisters preceded him, though Iestyn only became truly close to less than a handful of his siblings. This isn’t to say he was ignorant of his elder siblings’ accomplishments; quite the contrary, he was almost painfully aware of each accolade, award, and trophy accumulated by his brothers. The boy also noticed that when a younger brother followed in the older one’s stead, there wasn’t nearly the amount of pomp and circumstance associated in the younger boy’s accomplishment. As Iestyn grew he neither desired those skills that had already been won, nor felt pressure to pursue greatness.

Although his family was amongst the lower end of the nobility, Iestyn almost swore that his parents could have hailed from a position much higher. With all of his siblings in the way it was a wonder that the boy could see his parents from the small crowd of children. Rarely did Iestyn receive tending from his parents. Instead, the boy received care through older siblings John and Delilah. At a young age Iestyn had no idea that his brother and sister were reporting his progress to their parents. As he grew he began to suspect that they would tell their parents everything that went on, but the boy cared little. Iestyn often countered petty threats from his siblings with apathy about the pair running off to tell Mother or Father about even the slightest amount of insubordination from him.

When it came time to choose a career, Iestyn once again paid the task little heed. Cedric had become a soldier, Frederick was a physician, Nathan also joined the soldier’s ranks, John was a physician in training, and his sisters were fast becoming musicians in their own right. All in all the family was successful; there was no need for him to decide at the moment. Unfortunately, the constant reports of his laziness had reached a breaking point with his father. His parents decided that he would become a Maester to House Silvertongue, and sent him away with John and Delilah as his escorts.

On several occasions, Iestyn tried to run from the carriage bearing him and his siblings to Oldtown. His acceptance into apprenticeship with the guild was reluctant, and Iestyn was at first a problem child for the old men who taught there. Through years of tutelage and training, and quite a few disciplinary actions more severe than what he would have received at home, Iestyn grew into the responsible young man his parents would want him to be. Link after link was added to the great chain that would one day become his badge of office. Iestyn vaguely entertained the notion that once he was done with these moldy old men, he would have far more skills in a more varied expanse than his siblings ever would have. It was this thought that sustained him on the most difficult of days.

Iestyn attempted his desire to learn more of the Higher Mysteries, but was discouraged from delving too deeply into the topic as there was no one available or willing to teach him the skill. His attempts to self-teach these abilities were also thwarted. Iestyn soon came to the decision that he would pursue this learning in his own time, away from the prudish eyes of his masters in the Order of Maesters.

When Iestyn’s training was complete, he gladly participated in the ceremony that required he renounce his family name. The tiny speck of childish arrogance buried deep within him almost felt as though the ceremony was his own private disownment of the family that forced him into this against his will, despite the fact that it was for his own good. The vow of celibacy that went with it was begrudgingly taken shortly thereafter.

Iestyn arrived to his homeland to find his siblings, John and Delilah, had died in an attack on the road back home from delivering him to the Order of Maesters. He refused to visit their graves. Nathan had also died, via a skirmish with a rival house. Instead of going home, Iestyn made his way toward the lord’s mansion. It was there that he apprenticed with the previous Maester, under Lord Oran. A handful of years later found the former Maester dead from illness, making Iestyn the new maester for Lord Oran.

With the tragedies of Oran and Connor’s deaths in battle, Iestyn now serves Elias, the third-born son of Lord Oran. Young Lord Elias has little knowledge of what it takes to manage his family’s House... and it is now up to Maester Iestyn to guide the boy, for better or for worse.

Family House Background
The Baines family have been loyal to House Silvertongue for generations. More often than not the family is best known for producing fine doctors of their sons, and able musicians from their daughters. While preference for a more precise blade seems likely, there have been a few notable soldiers churned from this bloodline; the most recent of these warriors are Nathan Baines, his son Zebulun, and two of his sons: Cedric and Nathan.

-Other information-

- Can be biased
- Holds grudges
- Vindictive when crossed
- Modest physical strength

- Loyal
- Intelligent
- Secretive
- Ambitious

Theme song: The Sound of Silence by Gregorian

Misc Information:
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Maester Iestyn
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