A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Isaac Mackenzie Rayne

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Dorian Leventhal

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PostSubject: Isaac Mackenzie Rayne   Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:30 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character
Name: Dr. Isaac Mackenzie Rayne
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Career: Psychiatrist/Psychologist at St. Joseph’s General Hospital in Courtenay, BC, Canada


Parents: Benjamin and Irene (nee McKenzie) Rayne
Grandparents: Colm and Fiona McKenzie; Patrick and Elisabeth Rayne
Siblings: Keith Rayne and Rose Wilkins*
Aunts & Uncles: (“Uncle”) Blair McKenzie, David McKenzie; Martin Rayne, Sally (nee Rayne) Strange
Nieces & Nephews: Callum Wilkins*, Glenna Rayne*
Cousins: Craig*, Allen*, Duncan*, and Logan* McKenzie; Sara, Victoria, and Michael Rayne
Children: Jamie (daughter)
Grandkids: None yet

*Status Unknown


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Brown
Hair length: Short and spiked
Eye color: Brown
Size: 6’ 1”
Build: Lean/Skinny
Celebrity Playby David Tennant


Crushes: None at present
Mates/Spouse: Maria Tyler
Status: Single and available

-How I act-

Personality: Even before the world went crazy with the pandemic’s devastating death toll, Isaac Rayne could be considered as a rather interesting specimen of the psychiatrist species. Funny, mostly laid back, and stubbornly eccentric are just a few words to describe him. In some things he is also dreadfully naïve, such as survival and camping skills. He can build a shelter and start a fire, but that’s about it. Don’t ask him to forage for food: you might end up with a bucket full of lovely-looking but poisonous plants amidst dandelion greens.

Isaac appreciates art, music, and comedy. He loves science fiction, and follows several television series and movie franchises within the genre. Whenever he can get away with it, he would gladly go to a convention rather than head to work. When Maria was alive, the only costumes she felt he could pull off well in order included The Doctor from Doctor Who, a Vulcan science officer, and Obi Wan Kenobi from the prequels. Technology is viewed as a fickle friend, and he can often be seen talking to such devices as if they are real people.

When it comes to those he likes, and especially those he loves, Isaac would give anything to see them safe, happy, and healthy. He is so fiercely loyal that he would even give his very life. The only problem with the emotional side of Isaac is he has difficulty verbally expressing it. Declarations of love are often reciprocated without actually saying the word, leading previous girlfriends to believe he wasn’t serious about a relationship. Isaac prefers to show his caring devotion with actions, not pretty words. Words are for tangled mind game webs and conversation, in his opinion.

Since his capture by raiders Isaac has become a paranoid and excitable man, and even more withdrawn or melancholy about certain things, but his basic personality remains the same. In a serious situation that means his life or death, it would not be beyond him to don a humorous air as one of his strongest defense mechanisms. When everything is dark and you can’t see to find your way out: laugh... even if you have to force yourself to do it.


Your Story Please? Isaac Rayne’s beginnings took place in the metropolitan city of Courtenay, in British Columbia, Canada. He took undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields of psychology and psychiatry at Oxford University in England. Isaac returned to good old Canada after his education was complete, and sought a career in the field of mental health, with a particular interest in the forensic aspect of psychiatry. He acquired some cases of particular interest, and much more, upon taking a position at Saint Joseph’s General Hospital. He has doggedly persisted in this career since then.

He met his future wife, Maria Tyler, at a Science Fiction convention being held in Calgary, Alberta. Isaac regrettably didn’t have the time or energy to don a proper costume, though did take along something to pass as a sonic screwdriver from Dr. Who, and wore one of his usual suits. Maria was a dressed as a partially dissimilated Borg turned science office from Star Trek. They hit it off, and joined each other later for dinner. Maria commented on him still being in costume, which earned a laugh and an explanation that slightly embarrassed Isaac. To his immense relief she thought it was funny, and took to her calling him ‘Doctor’ for the lionshare of their time together with mixed feelings. He got her back by pretending to psychoanalyze her, his reasoning being that he had, “never interviewed a former borg before”.

Learning that Maria lived in British Columbia, and not far away from Isaac’s own Courtenay, he began asking her out on his days off. This didn’t always go well because he often had clients in need of assistance even on his off days. When it did go well, it went great. They dated for two years before deciding to live together. It wasn’t long thereafter that they had a daughter who they named Jamie. Although far from a fairy tale ending, Isaac’s budding family spent years contentedly situated within the upper middle class.

And then the pandemic hit.

It was thought amongst Isaac and Maria that if either of them would get this disease, it would probably be Isaac because his workplace was set in a hospital. Maria’s area of expertise as a music teacher wasn’t nearly as exposed. They both thought wrong. Maria became infected, leaving Isaac and Jamie to watch her slowly die... until both came home from school and work to find the woman dead. Isaac’s greatest regret is having never told Maria that he loved her – he always substituted words like ‘ditto’ and ‘likewise’ to express his feelings. Now he no longer had that opportunity, nor did he get a chance to properly say goodbye before Maria took her last breath. There was no way to bury Maria so he attempted to cremate her. Two small whiskey sampler bottles contain a portion of the woman’s ashes: one for Jamie, and the other for him.

Against all of his psychological schooling, Isaac tried to bury his grief. Jamie’s welfare took precedence – he had to be strong for her. It was Isaac’s idea to stay in their house for as long as the supply of food lasted. Neighbors’ houses became like secondary pantries without residents there to prepare meals, which erased Isaac’s need to go into the city proper for groceries. This proved to be a bad idea when they discovered too little too late that a band of raiders had invaded the city. The raiders pointed guns at him and the 15-year-old Jamie. They took everything: food, water, blankets... even Isaac and Jamie themselves, to be little more than slave labor to the throng of brutes. If Isaac didn’t comply they would punish Jamie, and if Jamie didn’t comply they’d punish Isaac.

Several days into their imprisonment, Isaac found a way out of his shackles, and helped Jamie out of hers. They ran out into the road and Isaac pleaded with Jamie to run as fast and as far from there as she could, while he created a distraction. They argued, attracting the attention of several raider-sentinels. Out of the corner of Jamie’s eye she saw the raiders aim for her father, and without thinking she pushed him down and out of the way. Isaac watched in pure horror as Jamie was shot five times. He scrambled on his knees to her side, but the damage was too extensive. Even if he had had the time, there was no means available or any opportunity to patch her up. The best Isaac could do was make Jamie’s passing easier. He held her in his arms and apologized profusely, blaming himself for her unnecessary death.

It took six raiders to pry him away from the fresh corpse, and in the struggle the raiders grabbed up the bottle of Maria’s ashes. In an attempt to break Isaac further into submission they opened the bottle and scattered the ashes, then proceeded to beat and torture him to near death. Instead of halfway decent food they tried getting him to eat spoiled food that had a higher probability of making him sick than helping him recover. Isaac had no idea how long he had been under this new brutal treatment, but on one particular morning his usual tormentor was not the face to greet him. Instead it was a new face. He stared blankly, in a sort of catatonia, and asked the person to kill him if they had any sense of decency and mercy in their heart. Instead the raider leader’s daughter freed him, pointed him in a helpful direction, and created a diversion. Without a second thought he took off running and didn’t look back.

Being on the run from one band of raiders and knowing more are likely out there just waiting to capture him made Isaac all the more paranoid about his surroundings. He had never experienced true paranoia before. A part of him was fascinated by it and wanted to study it the moment he felt secure enough to. When darkness fell he built a rudimentary shelter and a fire – the pitiful extent of his survival skills. The taste of some nearby berries turned out to be most unpalatable and he suspected them to be poisonous. Frustrated and hungry, Isaac laid down to sleep with the hope that he would find an uninhabited grocery store stocked with food the next morning.

Following the nearest road, Isaac happened upon a sort of ghost town. That old paranoia surfaced again and it made him tread cautiously. A need for food soon won out, so without further ado he ducked into the nearest supermarket. It was almost like heaven: a fully-stocked store just waiting here for him. Isaac didn’t consider for one moment that it could be a trap. He immediately sought out food that could be opened and eaten, had his fill, and loaded up a shopping cart of food he could tote around.

When Isaac opened the door to leave, he was met with a considerable amount of faces and firearms. “God, not this again...” he had muttered, raising his hands in a gesture of surrender. Although he was not a physician of the body, Isaac could tell the lot of them were sick. Still not accustomed to the worthlessness of titles in this new world, Isaac made the fortuitous mistake of introducing himself as Doctor. The raiders captured him, yes, but he was under a bit better care: he was not bound, beaten, or in any way maimed. However, they did have a guard with a gun trained on his head at all times to supervise his actions. Food poisoning had infiltrated the ranks of raiders, and with the help of the town’s local pharmacy Isaac managed to patch up the raiders.

During the pharmaceutical raid, Isaac had also picked up some sedatives and placed the medicine in an unmarked bottle. When one of the raiders came to him for a solution to insomnia, Isaac got an idea: during a rare unsupervised moment he dosed each glass of water with the sedative, and gave trace additional doses for those that wanted insomnia relief. Naturally, the sentinels and his supervision did not. To counter that, Isaac had also picked up some medicinal marijuana. He rolled up several joints and duped the raiders into believing it was a stimulant. He panicked slightly when several of them smoked well beyond the recommended dosage, but it worked in his favor. After he was certain they had all fallen asleep, Isaac made his escape.

Once again, Isaac is tasked with the ultimate, nightmarish freedom that is survival of the fittest.

-Other information-

- Extremely limited survival/camping skills
- Workaholic/constantly needs something to do
- Constantly analyzes those around him
- Stubborn
- Withdrawn*
- Eccentric
- Paranoid*

* after his escape(s)

+ Analytical
+ Mind games of all sorts
+ Science Fiction trivia whiz
+ Running (ran track in college)
+ Protective of those he cares for
+ Some knowledge of physical medicine
+ Hard-working when there’s something to do
+ Multi-lingual (speaks fluent English, French, and Spanish; can read Latin)

Favorite Color: Blue

Theme song: Twisted Mind by Avantasia / The Doctor is Dying by Chameleon Circuit
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Isaac Mackenzie Rayne
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