A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 WIP Athena Stravos

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Madison Isaac

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PostSubject: WIP Athena Stravos   Sat Apr 23, 2016 11:35 pm


In Character

Name: Athena Stravos
Nickname: Thena
Gender: Female
Career: Waitress


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Vasilis Stravos and Xenia Stravos
Grandparents: Thomas Stravos and Tasia Stravos
Siblings: Lena Bensen ( Nee Stravos)
Aunts & Uncles: TBA
Nieces & Nephews: Travis Benson
Cousins: Tba
Children: None
Grandkids: None


Skin color: Fair
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Green
Size: 5,6
Build: Athletic
Celebrity PlaybyJennifer Morrison


Crushes: None (Though Flirts with anyone)
Mates/Spouse: None
Status: Single

-How I act-

Personality: Athena is a down to earth kinda woman and just a little quirky. She is fairly friendly though has a cold and bold temper. When angry about something she tends to act first and ask questions later. She is incredibly stubborn and usually likes to do things on her own, not that she won't accept help if its offered but it just isn't in her way of thinking to ask, she think how can she do this on her own. As such she is a hard worker though she is hardly a workaholic. if she doesn't need or is expected to work or do something she won't.

Athena is very loyal to those she cares about and would give up anything to save them if there lives were in danger.  On her own Athena can be very reckless and take great risks to her health and safety to accomplish a goal in her mind if she deems it important enough to herself. She doesn't trust others easy even if she might care or love them she wouldn't trust them not to let her down in someway.

Athena is a bit of a flirt if she is a good enough mood or if it is advantageous to her situation. In post virus world Athena has used her charms to get her out of more then one tricky spot.


Your Story Please?

Athena was born in Athens Greece. Her father named her and he apparently had a interest in Greek Mythology. Her mother tried to talk him out of it but there was no such luck, he loved the name so Athena is was.. She was the second born child, her sister Lena was 5 years older then her. Lena was a typical older sister. Happy to help look after and play with her, for a few years anyway. As they grew older they began to fight. Lena was jealous of her kid sister getting attention for her adorable blonde hair and bright eyes and how her parents friends would always comment  how cute she was and how she and her mother looked so much alike.

Athena was often thought her sister was to bitter and needed to lighten up not fully understanding her sister was jealous of her. In fact she envied Lena since she was so far a head of her in school and she always did perfectly on homework where she was always having issues with things that her sister claimed was super easy. Such as math especially Athena didn't get how Lena found it so simple.. which pretty much the same in all academic classes where Athena struggled, Lena excelled. By junior high Athena decided to stop trying to compete with her sister in terms of grades.. cause she always lost. So she turned to the social life of school she quickly gained many friends. Some not good for her even though she wouldn't admit it. These new friends though they made her feel wanted and accepted, but they also made her miss school. Her grades that she had maintained tanked down ward she started showing attitude to teachers and her parents.

Athena certainly did hit the rebellious teenager stage, she and Lena fought harder then they ever had before. Particularly when Athena started flirting with Lena's boyfriend Harris at the time, in Athena's mind it was only harmless flirting she hadn't expected him to respond to her flirting as he did. Harris and Lena had been dating since she was thirteen and she looked at him like older guy friend. So she was quite shocked when he suddenly kissed her in a very passionate way. He held her to tightly for her liking and had to force herself away from him with effort. She slapped him and told him to stay away, he did but not before Lena came in and put two and two together. She had never seen her sister punch anyone before but she punched Harris so hard she was certain he would never have children in the future.. She didn't get away unpunished by her sister either. Lena didn't talk to her for months after that and even after that it was with a frosty snap in her voice and icy look in her eyes.

Then Lena went off to collage and Athena continued with the party scene through high school. After many trips to the principles office, suspensions, letters home, and yelling matches with her parents when she was 17 Athena dropped out of school. She claimed it was hopeless now anyway, she failed most of her freshmen classes.. School just wasn't her place. So her parents demanded she get a job and pay for her own food and pay them rent till she turned 18. If she didn't get her act together by 18 she would be kicked out. She did get herself a job thanks to her father, but she squandered it she would show up for work late. She wouldn't work very hard when was actually there, it went on like that for quite some time she was told by her boss the only reason she hadn't been fired was because her father was a friend of his and he didn't want things to be awkward between them if he fired her but if she didn't get her act together he would have no choice but to fire her. Athena didn't like the job anyway and felt no motivation to do better. Two weeks later she was fired on the spot and sent home. Well then she was left in a bit of a pickle. No job and she had rent to pay, her parents wouldn't help her since she wasted there help, the only person left she could go to was Lena.. much to her surprise her sister took her in and helped her get a job. She actually tried this time, she didn't want to let Lena down again or she wasn't sure Lena would ever forgive her..

This time her boss was an asshole always yelling at her for something that wasn't even her fault. Called her stupid and useless when she was actually trying her best. If made her feel rather small and depressed. In a moment of fustration and wanting to get revenge on her boss, when no one was looking she took money out of the cash register and pocketed it. She knew what she did was wrong.. but that very knowledge gave her a thrill she hadn't felt in a long time. So it started becoming a habit, when ever she was alone in the shop she was slyly slip money out of the til, or when a costumer when to pay in cash she took the money they payed for herself and never ringed the transaction into the computer. Eventually she was suspected that she might be stealing and her hours were cut and her shifts she was supervised not allowed to touch the money. She realized the gig was up so she made a graceful exit before she could officially fired and she quit. Lena heard about it however and she was furious with her told her she was a idiot and technically a criminal for stealing and she was lucky the owners didn't sue her. Lena then told her sister to leave and not to come back..

With no other place to go Athena resorted to other ways of living.. since she already had "experience" in theft she started wandering into stores and started shop lifting. She eventually started running with very bad people and they started robbing people. She was caught by the cops on their first heist and sent to jail for 2 years for the armed robbery. She was let out 6 months early for good behavior, her parole officer arranged for someone to pick her up and give her a place to stay. She was expecting her mother or father to get her.. Since Lena was surely done with her right? Apparently she wasn't cause it was her big sister waiting for her in a fancy new car. She felt like a child sitting in the passenger seat as Lena drove in a thick awkward silence.

When they reached the house she look in awe of it and met her sisters new husband, Killian Benson, she hadn't even known she had married. He seemed like a alright guy.. he was letting his wifes delinquent kid sister stay with them in his beautiful house so how could she say other wise. It was later that evening Lena finally spoke to her and told her she was pregnant four months along. Athena was shocked for a moment, that was the last thing she expected but she went over and congratulated her big sister with a hug..She hadn't hugged her sister since they were children.

Lena had a baby boy later that year, he was been named Travis and Athena couldn't have been a more proud Aunt of the little guy. She was more then happy to baby sit when ever they wanted her to. She had turned her life around a little. She gave up her short lived career in theft and managed to old down a serving job at a local restaurant. On her next parole meeting she was able to move out of her sister house and into her own apartment. It wasn't the best job in the world, nor the best apartment but this was the most stable she had ever been in her life and she didn't want to mess it up. Years past and things stayed the same for Athena. Things could still be tense with her sister from time to time but of anyone Lena was the one that always came back for her and get her back on her feat. No matter how begrudgingly she did so she still did it and stood by her when she needed it. She remained in her nephews life being the ever cool and free spirited Aunt Thena.. Especially when she saved up enough to buy herself a motorcycle. It was her and Travis's little secret when would give him short rides on it. Always safe ones of course a slow loop around the block and she never left the residential zone. If Lena ever found out she left Travis on a motorcycle.. She would likely get a early grave from her sister.

It was almost 10 years to the day when her sister picked her up from prison when rumors started going around about a super bug virus that was much like the flu but more deadly. She started to become concerned when more and more people got sick. Lena and her family had left the state before everyone knew how bad it would get. When the city fell Athena had no idea what happened to her sister, weather she was dead alive.. it was anyone's guess. Since she had no idea where to even stat looking for her or even if Lena was still alive. Athena took to the road on her own. City's were dangerous, gangs were forming of people taking what they wanted by force not caring if what they did hurt the other people or not. Athena was done with that life and she wanted none of it.

She had managed to find a apple tree orchard, it was mostly picked clean or the fruit was bad but she found a few late blooming trees and picked there fruit when she was spotted by military types off the road.. first she thought that maybe they were a part of a gang.. They had weapons after all and the had uniforms it was possible.. They told her not to move but she was long past listening so she opened fire and made a run for it. But they caught up with her and took her to their headquarters it seemed, this -part amused her the most.. They threw her in a jail cell. End of the world and she was locked up on a jail cell. Somethings never change...

-Other information-


Doesn't trust


Easy Going

Favorite Color: Red
Theme song: Rachel Platten: Fight Song
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WIP Athena Stravos
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