A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Sams Character Extra

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Madison Isaac

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Join date : 2011-09-26
Age : 30

PostSubject: Sams Character Extra   Sat Apr 09, 2016 12:55 am

Samantha Carter

~About Family~
Samantha and her family were from the United States for generations her father, her fathers father and so one were all from the States and just about all of them served in the military. Before that the Carters lived in England before an ancetor arrived in America. Her mothers family was a mix of American, Canadian and French and they were no strangers to life of service either, her maternal Grandfather served in the Canadian Navy and held the Rank of Captian before he retired. It wasn't until Ace Carter that a Carter had not joined a Military.

~Important People to Sam~

William Carter (father, deceased) Her Father was often away because of his work but he was ever devoted to his children when he was home. He was strict but rewarded good behavior richly when he could. When her mother died when she was a child and her father came to take care of them full time Sam looked up to her father greatly and wanted to make him proud. Despite having a love for the sciences as a teen she joined the military at her fathers urging. She never resented him for it and still find great pride in her career. Was devastated when her father died of cancer before the virus was a threat, but coped by spending more time in a lab or reporting for a mission.

Ace Carter (Brother, Alive) Growing up she and her older brother were close, of course they had there disagreements from time to time, they had differing interests and she was his little sister after all. But he was the only person who could convince her to look away from her studying and go out side usually with the promise of ice cream. As Adults this relationship is even more solidified, though with her job and with the world in ruins she has a protective streak for her brother and his kids especially. As of the new world they are in from post virus world Ace is one of the few people she trusts and still opens up to.

Cassie Carter + Jackson Carter (Niece/Nephew, Alive) Considering she has no kid of her own, she values her niece and nephew as if they were her own and would die for either of them.

Rick Hartmann (Commanding Officer, Alive)  Is her commander and superior in what Rank they still hold in the Post Virus world, though it annoys her beyond all means that he refuses to acknowledge her rank. She still wants to reach for his respect eventually.

Finlay McKenna (??? Alive) More info pending...

(More TBA)

~Misc Facts~

Birthday: May 23 1982 (Gemini)
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (those most say she is married to her career)

Best Memory: Being Promoted to Major
Worst Memory: Watching her father die
Worst Fear: Letting everyone Down

Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Movie: Star Wars: New Hope
Favorite TV Show: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Favorite Beer: Budweiser
Favorite Liquor: Vodka

~Likes (+) and Dislikes (-)~

+ Puzzles
+ Riddles
+ Kids
+ Jello
+ Coffee
+ Cheese cake
+ Turkey
+ Humming
+ Math

+ Reading By a Fire
+ Proving herself right
+ Playing with Gadgets
+ Experiments
+ Talking about geeky stuff
+ Work
+ Nights under the Full moon


- Dishonor/Disrespect
- Eggs
- Green Peppers
- Grapefurit Juice
- Condescending People
- Having Nothing to Do

- People are in Pain
- Being Powerless
- Arguing
- Being Wrong


More Notes
- Very Smart, graduated Highschool at 16 and went to Collage soon after
- Likes to hum random songs, yet doesn't really know how to sing



Sam Holding her nephew when he was a baby

Sam on her first Day as Captain

Dressing up as a Starfleet officer for Halloween

Sam: *I like this Jello*

Sam amusing her little niece with bubbles

Sam means business

Sam with her Dad on his Deathbed

"Well this is awkward"..

"No I don't think so..."


"And stay down... ya jerk"
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Madison Isaac

Posts : 200
Join date : 2011-09-26
Age : 30

PostSubject: Re: Sams Character Extra   Fri Apr 29, 2016 11:15 pm

(Sam's Camp)
Official name for the Camp is needed

Founder: Major Samantha Carter - Was assigned this mission with a group of others to find survivors and build a community.

Council Members:
(For now Positions are empty or TBA, Council members don't need to be controled characters, they are simply the voice of the status quo among the civilians of the camp. If you have a idea for a council member Post a mini profile for them in character Creation )

Samantha Carter - Head Council Member


Camp Layout

The Fence: Surrounds the main camp where civilians live, it is electrified and topped with barbed wire so they can't be climbed over. Has a north and south entrance gate, the North one is the big gate that allows cars and trucks to come and go. The south Gate is a smaller gate used for indivduals or small vehicals to come and go unseen by anyone in the front of the gate. Each gate has a look out tower, anyone looking on it has a clear veiw over the fence and anything outside it.

The Farmhouse: It is a fairly big house though it used as a multipurpose town center, The basement has a fully usable jail cell to house people dangerous to the main population of the camp. The main level of the house is used to store some of the camps supplies such as food, electronics, and multiple working power generators. The second level of the house is mostly a small hospital. One room and bathroom hold medical supplies needed for emergencies. The other 3 bedrooms are meant for injured/ill patients in recovery. The attic had a supply of military grade weapons in stock, only Sam another autherised personal have the key to unlock that attic.

The Backyard: Is more or less used as a car lot for the citizens of the camp. Also doubles as a garage and fix it work area for same and others with a talent for fixing and building things. There is a shed in the back that holds the keys to the unused cars and there gas supply for the vehicles.

The Barn: Is about the only thing used  that is still used for its original purpose, to house animals and to sleep in, if one doesn't mind sharing with the furry creatures and other animals.

Camp Ground: Formerly the actual farm land its self, though it isn't used as farm land anymore, now has the tents and temporary buildings of the survivors living in the area. There are a few patches of garden maintained by certain civilians who like gardening. And helping with the camps food supply buy growing veggies and other things.
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Madison Isaac

Posts : 200
Join date : 2011-09-26
Age : 30

PostSubject: Re: Sams Character Extra   Sat Jun 18, 2016 12:12 pm

Zombie Universe

Samantha Carter ( To see original Profile Click Here )

Changes from Survival Universe If any:

Samantha is more focused on her work then before and not as trusting of others in the Zombie universe, if there is one thing she has learned of people is that they are desperate with living nightmares roaming around wanting to eat everyone. She still has humanity in her and she hates seeing people suffer. She will help where she can if she believes someone is in genuine need of help and not just out to take careless advantage of others.

In the Zombie Universe Sam is stationed in a old miliary missile bunker where her team was stationed to protect and assist with a team finding a vaccine for the Zombie infection. The bunker is built of solid concrete and is underground, a fairly good defense against the walkers that lurk out on the surface. But she also fears it could be a death trap if enough of the people inside the bunker somehow die. The Bunker has its own power generators, enough to power lights, computer, produce heat and all the basics for quite a long time. However they have a limited food reserves as well as water. So occasional trips to the surface for gathering supplies is always a risky, and terrifying venture.


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PostSubject: Re: Sams Character Extra   

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Sams Character Extra
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