A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Mini Profiles

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Madison Isaac

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PostSubject: Mini Profiles   Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:48 pm

Mini Profiles for temporary characters

Name: Sir Therein (First name yet unknown lol)
Age: 30-40
Occuption: Knight, in service to the Lord of Riverstone

Married - Wife, Ellena Therein
Children - 2 sons (keeping them namesless for now)

Personality: Sir Therein is a respectable brave man for the most part, believes in duty, honour and service no matter what danger it might pose to himself. Yet he is very gruff around the edges kind of guy, finds it hard to be sensitive to other feelings and may hurt others feelings without actually meaning to. Can sometimes come across as harsh and rather unsympathetic when the situation calls for it.  His honest respect of another is hard to come by, he respects his own duty to serve and protect his Lord, even if he doesn't really respect the boy that sits on the throne himself.. Regardless of his feelings to anyone he would die to protect any innocent life in Riverstone, including his Lord, if he was there and could do something about it.


Name: Owen Evensville
Occuptation: Blacksmith, Villager
Age: 40's

Married - Wife, Catherine Evensville
Children- 1 Daughter 1 Son

Personality: Owen is a Quiet man that believes in hard work and that is mostly what he has done his whole life. He is proud of the life he made for himself in Riverstone, supplies the soldiers with their armour and weapons and also well made tools for the farmers in the area. Isn't a violent man in his own right however and usually keeps to himself when trouble arises and makes sure to look after his own. Still doesn't know what to think of their new Lord as of yet, but wouldn't condone harsh words about the young Lord in his presents since Lord Elias is the same age as his own children. Believe Elias should have a chance to learn.


Name: Laura Wilds
Occupation: Crafts Woman/ Fisher
Age: 30s

Widowed - Late Husband, Hanson Wilds (Riverstone Soldier)
Children - 2 daughters 1 son
Sibling - Older Brother

Personality: Being recently a single parent, with little money and having to provide for 3 children herself has left Laura rather bitter to others in a more well off state in her eyes. Was never of fan of any Lords and Ladies that ruled the land, but while her husband lived she was respectful and obeyed since the ruling lord did a decent job of providing work and protection to them. However once her husband passed away in the battle in her grief she blamed the lordship for his death. She became cold and bitter to pretty much everyone in the township square.
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Madison Isaac

Posts : 200
Join date : 2011-09-26
Age : 30

PostSubject: Re: Mini Profiles   Wed Jan 06, 2016 3:37 am

(notes for Lady Emma Frost)

Name: Emma Lanncaster  (Nee; Frost)
Occupation: A Lady of northpeak, Princess by Marriage. (Married to Royal Prince in Kingslanding)
Age: 24

Husband- Tylan Lanncaster (Is next in line to be king)
Widowed- Was married to a Lord Farris of Castle Rock, he died of fever after two years of marriage.
Children- Son, Craig and Daughter, Linda
(for Full family tree See Richard Frost )


Personality: Emma a shielded young woman, who values strength above all else. Though her definition of strength is skewered. As is her definition of weakness, She views good people to be weak, they are to inclined to bound by their honor to take opportunity to make things better for them selves. To her the strong are the ones who take what they need no matter what they have to do.

This moral is balance by one other belief of hers the weak need protecting. Emma protects those she views as weak. Though she would never admit this to anyone, for she fears it will make her weak as well.

Misc Info:
-Believes all Good men die.
-Believes there is one God, the God of Death.
-Her first husband was a noted hero of the realm and a good man, and she loved him since before they married. She changed the day he died, weak in his bed and she promised it wouldn't happen again.
-Her current husband is NOT a good man...
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Madison Isaac

Posts : 200
Join date : 2011-09-26
Age : 30

PostSubject: Re: Mini Profiles   Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:38 am

Name: Tylan Lanncaster
Occupation: Crown Prince of the Kingdoms
Age: 26

Wife: Emma Lanncaster (Nee' Frost)

Father: King Tovan Lanncaster (Used to be a strong, highly skilled swordsman, However now is lazy and hasn't seen a battle in 20 years, Currently has a reputation of a tyrant. )

Mother: Queen Ellena Lanncaster (Was hailed in the kingdom for her beauty and gentle hand when she was young, Though she still holds beauty her soul is said to have gone icy in the past years. Servants claim her marriage is loveless and she is ashamed her of king husband though she would never admit it)

Uncle: Serion Lanncaster
Children: Son, Craig and Daughter, Linda
(Has many Bastards)


Personality: Tylan is a sarcastic, cruel and arrogant young man. Though his arrogance extends from his skill with a blade, even his past opponents and those who have seen him fight praise that he is a skill as a warrior for a man so young. His life a prince has made him very spoiled and left with a sense of entitlement. He should always get when he wants and no one says no to him with out regretting it. Though his wife is a exception to that, he respects enough her to that extent to know he can't threaten her..

Misc Info:
Believes in Gods, just doesn't like them very much
Not Loyal to his Wife
Very talented Swordsman
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Madison Isaac

Posts : 200
Join date : 2011-09-26
Age : 30

PostSubject: Re: Mini Profiles   Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:48 pm

Name: Freya
Age: 17
Occupation: Barmaid/Singer


Mother: Lyanna (Former Worker in former Brothel)
Father: Unknown (Potential TBA in RP)

Other Family: (Unknown)

Play By:

Freya is a cunning young woman and makes the best of what she has going for her, she knows how to use her looks and voice to gain an advantage over another. If that advantage is moot she is a caring and gentle girl underneath. She wouldn't harm anyone if she didn't have any other choice in the matter, not to mention she isn't very skilled with a blade.

Misc/background Info:
-Was Born and raised for a time in a brothel, Until her mother died of illness. she mothers friends took care of her after that. Once she was old enough she was actually being trained to follow her mother footsteps but the owner of the local Tavern spotted her and noted she had a lovely singing voice and offered her a job in his pub. It gave her better standing then that of remaining in the whore house and the position was just as adventurous.

Songs she Sings
The Song of the Seven
Gentle Mother
The Rains of Castamere
The Bear and the Maiden Fair
The Dornishman's Wife
Timbers and Wind
Edge of Night
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PostSubject: Re: Mini Profiles   

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Mini Profiles
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