A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Ellendra "Aurora" Freya

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Madison Isaac

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PostSubject: Ellendra "Aurora" Freya   Tue May 26, 2015 2:43 am


In Character

Name:Ellendra "Aurora" Freya
Gender: Female
Rank/Title: Lady-in-waiting


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Bryson and Amilia Freya
Grandparents: Leo and Vivian Freya / William and Evalynn Bluehill
Siblings: Logan Freya
Aunts & Uncles: TBA
Nieces & Nephews: None
Cousins: TBA
Children: TBA
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Light
Hair Color: Brown
Hair length: Shoulder Length
Eye color: Green
Size: 5, 6
Build:  Small, but Agile, and stronger then she appears
Celebrity PlaybyKeira Knightley


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: None
Status: Avalible

-How I act-


Aurora as she prefers to be called is a quiet woman around strangers, when she was a child it was because she was shy but as adult she feels if she had nothing useful or productive to say she doesn't say anything and she doesn't like drawing attention to herself unless she has to.  

Despite her quiet and guarded attitude Aurora is an extremely Loyal and fiercely protective, should anyone threaten her loved ones way in her presence or if she finds out about it one way or another she will make you answer for it. However she does have  a lighter side to her, when she is comfortable in another's presence she has a sense of humour and is perfectly at ease to talk, laugh and play jokes. It is not uncommon for her not to speak her mind about something either if her loved one is choosing to do something she doesn't like and thinks they are doing something stupid.

She also has a rye and slightly sarcastic sense of humor at times when she is annoyed by something or someone, it has been known to get her into trouble sometimes even though, she tries to bit her tongue when appropriate.


Personal Background
Ellendra was born to Lord Bryson and  Lady Amelia Freya as their second child, a daughter that they both wanted since their line was secured with Logan her older brother who was already 13 when she was born. Her life was a pampered and educated one through her childhood. Though she was a shy girl and was rarely seen other than by the Manor staff and her family, the people often forgot that she even existed.

Which was quite likely the reason she survived a massacre of her family when she was 12 years old, she didn't understand why at the time but a large mob of men entered her home and killed her family not knowing that she had hid in the Larder room and only ran out it when she was smoked out from a fire that filled her home. Terrified with no where to go she took off into the night wearing only the nightgown she had been wearing in bed that night. Luckily some commoner families took pity on her and she was given some food, clothes and a hunting knife to defend herself with..

She traveled with a Caravan after that, heading east toward the land of Whitewood, in exchange for letting her ride with them and eat their food she became their servant for the journey doing whatever was beckoned of her. It was what she had to do so she did it without complaint even though it earned quiet a few scarps bumps and bruises for her effort. However her father had spoken highly of the man in Whitewood and of how honorable he was, she had met him before he seemed a good man.. he was her only hope in possibly figuring out who killed her family and why. And if she was lucky help make the pay for what they had done.

However the caravan she traveled with made a crucial mistake of cutting through Shadow Grove, believing it dangerous reputation was a mere myth or legend to keep invaders off the main road. But half way through the journey in the Grove and arrow shot out of the fog and killed one of the swordsmen.. with in minutes most those who new know to fight were dead or wounded and the Caravan was robbed blind. Ellendra made a run for it when she saw a chance running in pure fright, however she was grabbed from behind and was about to be dragged off into the foggy woods when someone shot her assailant with an arrow right in the head. She saw someone approach her when she passed out.

She awoke in a bed and the sound of a fire going in a fire place, a young woman wasn't far from her and told her she had been rescued by the lord of the house, Lord Greywolf from the dangerous Shadow Grove. When she finally met Lord Zevrion Greywolf and explained who she was and what happened to her family he took her in and allowed her to continue her education as she would have before her parents would killed as well as a few other things.. she was taught combat in the house Greywolf technique and also learned the language of there neighboring country rather well.

But the time she was 17 she was like Zevrions little sister that no one knew about, to hide her identity just in case Zev gave her the name Aurora when one night the were talking about what other name to present herself as and the sky lit up with lights and that became her name.. Aurora..

After Zevrion married Lady Anna Silvertongue she was assigned to be her guard should they go anywhere or something military was involved. Otherwise she became Anna's Lady in waiting when not on protective guard duties. At first she wasn't sure what to think of Zevrions new wife she looked like all the other shallow lady's out there that cared little there husband only the allience there marriage had forged.. But in time Aurora came to trust Anna and cared about her as much as Zevrion.. for if anything happened to Anna.. it only serve to hurt the man she called her brother and Anna was a kind woman.

She was there in the background as the couple had issues with conceiving a child, willing to offer a word of comfort if either of the two were upset with news they were not pregnant. When Anna finally did have a come to be with child Aurora was the ever watchful and protective guard though not overbearingly so.. Aurora had the talent of coming and going with out being noticed usually and knew how to protect Anna at even a distance. When the child was born she was in the room with her assisting the Maester as the child was delivered. Aurora became a type aunt to the boy named Ilmarinen or even a big sister, is always willing to listen to what the might have to say, so long as he says it in a language she knows.

Now she anxiously awaits news of her Lady possibly going back to Riverstone through the Shadow Grove she had no desire to return to that part of the forest but if that was the way her Lady was going she of course had to follow.

Family House Background
The Freya's were a small Lordship family before their massacre, their land was small and the money was fairly short compared to most other noble families. Due to poor Alliances with the crown and political betrayals the Freya's went from a Powerful family to a small and weak one holding on to a small portion of good farm land that was enough to keep their people fed and there family in relative comfort in money made from trade. However that lacked a strong military force and adversary's doon noticed the fact

-Other information-

Sarcastic sense of humour
Her Parents murder

Light on her feet

Theme song: The Voice- Celtic Women (( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nX2anEXG0eE ))
Misc Information: (Optional, Just anything extra you want to add about your Character)
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Ellendra "Aurora" Freya
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