A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Richard Frost

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Dorian Leventhal

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PostSubject: Richard Frost   Mon May 25, 2015 8:52 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub
Age: Almost 30

In Character
Name: Richard Frost
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Rank/Title: Heir to Lordship over House Frost


Parents: Godric and Romilda Frost; Stepmother: Walburga Frost
Grandparents: Dunstan and Brianna Frost; Gisbert and Hilda Brant
Siblings: Candace (31), Helena (29), Emma (24), Bethany (19), Avila (14), and Claudia (12)
Aunts & Uncles: Dacre, Augusta, and Bartholomew Frost; Algar, Frida, and Edmund Brant
Nieces & Nephews: Lucia and Cedric (Candace), Adela and Adair (Helena), Craig and Linda (Emma), and Charles (Bethany)
Cousins: Too many to list
Children: None yet
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Blondish-brown
Hair length: Short-medium
Eye color: Gray
Size: 5’ 8”
Build: Thin
Celebrity Playby Tom Felton


Crushes: changes girlfriends/mistresses frequently
Mates/Spouse: None yet
Status: Available... much to his father’s ire

-How I act-

Looking into the gray eyes of Richard Frost, only a select few truly understand the motives that drive the man. Because of his family’s reputation for ferociousness, many residents throughout Northpeak regard the young man’s unexpected arrival with anything from caution to outright fear... and Richard delights in seeing the latter. Richard only wears a select variety of facial expressions for everyone to see, and masks what he doesn’t want the world to know in a default state of anger or icy venom.

Towards everyone except certain members of the small council for his House, Richard’s disposition is bold and seems to border on a sense of pretentiousness. Richard’s demands often went uncontested as a child, being the only male of his siblings, so he is used to getting his way. Patience is something Richard infrequently practices unless it is absolutely necessary, and the servants of his family’s manor have known first-hand the infamy of his temper. He has proven countless of times to his people that he is his father’s cold, harsh son.

Richard often speaks as though there is very little a person can do to please him, and that the world in general bores him. His actions say what his voice can’t or otherwise won’t express, though at times even these may carry notes of a disrespectful attitude. He is not much of a people person, preferring the company of his dogs to that of his closest relatives.

It would take a lot of work, but anyone willing and able to chip through Richard’s outer permafrost might just find a completely different personality hiding under all of that fire and ice.


Personal Background
Richard was born during the most violent of storms announcing the onset of spring. The mansion of House Frost literally shook upon Richard’s birthing as winds and freezing rains attempted to ravage the solid architecture. It was a difficult pregnancy for Lady Romilda, but upon hearing she had finally delivered a male heir for her husband, it was worth every excruciating minute. Her husband, Godric Frost, had threatened to execute Romilda if she produced a third girl-child when the House so desperately needed a son and heir to carry on in case Godric fell to their rivals.

As a baby, Richard was the fussiest of the children. He was also the only boy. Growing up as such was occasionally an awkward time for Richard; he had no interest in many of the activities his sisters enjoyed whether they were his two elder siblings, or the younger ones. Instead, he would seek out the company of his two dogs and like-gendered cousins.

Godric favored his son, but was also exceedingly harsh with him. For the longest time it felt to Richard that there was nothing he could do to please the man he called his father. Richard’s days were filled with long, hard hours of combat training with his father’s best soldiers; many of Richard’s evenings were reserved for lessons from the Maester well into being able to read only by the squint of candlelight. Richard would often retire for a scant few hours of sleep, then be awakened early the next day to start the cycle anew. This was the curriculum Godric scheduled for Richard day in and day out, with a few days respite scattered here or there. Disciplinary measures in Godric’s hands were equally harsh and unrelenting.

On more than one occasion Godric would send Richard away to Bartholomew’s estate. This was in part to give the boy some other boys his age to play and interact with who weren’t in training to be soldiers. Bartholomew was Godric’s brother and one of many men who taught Richard to fight... and occasionally would supplement Godric’s own teachings regarding the finer points of their House’s brutal ways... including but not limited to several ancient, barbaric traditions.

After his two younger sisters were born, and Romilda was expecting her sixth child, Richard saw an even further layer of his father’s cruelty. Godric was determined to have more sons in case he and Richard fell in battle, and continually talked about the need for more boys in the family. Godric took a couple of alternate wives, which had greatly upset the pregnant Romilda even though the concubines produced no children. One night Richard overheard his father threaten Romilda with execution if the baby she carried was another girl. The threat made Richard’s blood boil. While Richard couldn’t say he was fond of being the only male child in the family, no one threatened or ridiculed Romilda Frost in the presence of her son: doing so ensured the offender’s one way ticket to a torturous, lifetime prison sentence, or worse. But this was his father...

Sure enough: Richard’s fifth sibling was a girl. He didn’t get to see the birth, but the news spread through the manor like wildfire. What none of the Frost children knew was that their youngest sister, Avila, was taken care of by a wet-nurse while Romilda was dragged off to the dungeons. Godric insisted to his children that Romilda had left for a trip to see her parents, but Richard knew better. When Richard confronted his father in private about the matter, Godric was more than open with his son about the arrangements that had been made for Romilda. On top of it all Godric also announced to Richard that he’s already selected a new wife to take Romilda’s place once his wife was away long enough to be considered missing and presumed dead by the laws set forth in their home of Northpeak.

Richard’s stepmother, Walburga Frost, was pregnant on her and Godric’s wedding day. Seamstresses for the House managed to hide the slight telltale signs with ease. Richard deliberately refused to attend his father’s wedding, instead taking up a combat assignment on Northpeak’s western borders. When he returned home, his victory secured, his father and stepmother did not greet him with well-wishes – but with scorn that he had not attended the wedding. There was a large confrontation between the three; when Richard spouted words of venom to his new stepmother, Godric came to blows with his son to the point that Richard required the Maester’s medical attention.

It seemed like the same day the Maester deemed Richard well enough to no longer need medical ministrations, at least a week or so after the confrontation, Godric and Walburga had set up meetings with their allies in order to find Richard a wife. This irritated the young man to no end, and to spite his parents he refused each and every marriage proposal they put in his path. This isn’t to say he didn’t meet with the girls: Richard had no problems with meeting them, dining with them, entertaining them, or romancing them if he could get that far without making long-term commitments... but he would not settle on one particular woman for his bride.

In what seemed like no time at all, Walburga gave birth to her child. Richard, as usual, was not present at this birth – nor were any of his other siblings. However, eyebrows were raised when the youngest Frost child was also a daughter. When the infant was not granted the same treatment as the sister before her, Richard went to his father to ask why. To Richard’s shock and amazement, Godric claimed he finally came to the conclusion that the Gods had decided that one male child was all that House Frost required to keep the line going. Father and son argued, and once again came to blows... but the argument ended before things got too ugly, thanks to the Maester’s intervention.

A few years later, word reached House Frost that the Crown was in need of soldiers on the front lines of war, as well as a host of war horses to draw archers and weapons into battle. Godric and Richard led their forces to meet with those from other houses: Greywolves, Silvertongues, Lancasters, and more. Some of House Greywolf’s scouts had met up with the Silvertongue soldiers by the time the battalion from House Frost arrived. After much secretive deliberation amongst Godric, Richard, the Sentinel for House Frost, and a couple of their generals, they came to the conclusion that a good way to be rid of at least one of their rivals for good would be to ambush them right there and then... and write to the Crown claiming that their common enemy slaughtered the forces by the time House Frost arrived to give aid. They put the plan into action, ambushing them all amidst an evening meal, on the eve of marching off to war. Archers replaced their arrows with those forged to resemble that of their enemy. Every measure was taken to ensure that the massacre looked as though someone else had plowed through the soldiers, and that none were left alive.

... or so the soldiers of House Frost thought.

Godric and Richard saw their forces several leagues further before deferring command to one of the generals. Those few who did not go to war turned around and returned home. With most of the Silvertongue army eliminated, it was possible that they could overthrow their rival and obtain exclusive mining rights to that rich deposit of silver sitting at the heart of Riverstone. Godric made arrangements to send an envoy to Riverstone and put Richard in charge of the operation. It would be Richard’s job to assess the defenses in Riverstone, acquire the aforementioned mining rights, and – if his attempt failed – to take the silver throne from the Child-Lord at almost any cost.

But Richard has another item on his to-do list; something he could not do privately enough while he remained at Northpeak. There were too many people there who were loyal to his father. Whether it was fear that kept them loyal or something more, it was high time that Richard assumed his rightful place as heir to House Frost... and there’s only one man preventing him from obtaining that glorious title.

Family House Background
House Frost is best known for producing the finest front-line soldiers and animals bred for one purpose – war. In times of peace, when creatures of fighting stock are not in high enough demand, House Frost prides itself on the production of quality animal-derived goods able to withstand transport without spoilage. Initially the family known as Frost defied the crown and refused to swear fealty, so set in their ways to be ever-resistant to change. An ancient ancestor in a time of weakness eventually bent the knee, swearing that the men of his House would go to war the moment a decree was issued from the Crown. And so it has been for centuries that every boy take up a blade within a year of learning to walk, and are fully battle-ready by the time they are considered men. The Frost family controls the area known as Northpeak, a region of land that is mostly tundra in its northernmost reaches. Northpeak is located some distance north of Riverstone, and just southeast of Whitewood.

-Other information-

Mention of his (deceased) mother


Theme song: Savages by Theory of a Deadman
Misc Information: (Optional, Just anything extra you want to add about your Character)
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Richard Frost
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