A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 WIP Elizabeth Silvertongue

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Madison Isaac

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PostSubject: WIP Elizabeth Silvertongue    Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:05 pm


In Character

Name:Elizabeth Silvertongue
Rank/Title: Lady, Daughter of Lord and Lady


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Orin and Joanna Silvertongue
Grandparents: Maternal Grandparents, Duncan and Catherine Foster
Siblings: Anna, Connor, Micah, Elias, Torin, Rachel
Aunts & Uncles: Jonathan, Lillian, and Sera
Nieces & Nephews: Unnamed Nephew
Cousins: TBA
Children: TBA (little too young)
Grandkids: TBA (Way too young)


Skin color: Fair
Hair Color: Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Green
Size: 5,4
Build: Slim
Celebrity Playby Anna Popplewell


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: TBA
Status: Single

-How I act-

Personality: Elizabeth likes to make her own way in life, and cares little for what other people tell her what she is supposed to do. It is not that she does whatever she wants. She has respect for certain rules and traditions, but she has no fear of speaking her mind if she believes someone is being rude or unreasonable. Or if she believes a rules is wrong or unreasonable she doesn't have to follow it. So one could say she is a bit of a rebel. As a child she had no problem with voicing her opinions about certain rules or people of authority who berated her for breaking them. Opinions of girls fighting for example. She could be just as good a archer as any of her fathers hunters.

Like her mother she has a lot of pride in herself and her family, and hates being weak or vulnerable in front of others. If something were to happen in front of others she would feel embarrassed or become incredibly sensitive to it if someone brought it up.

She is very independent and often likes to go and do things on her own, even learn on her own. She finds she can think more clearly when she is by herself. With the exception of her Twin Elias, she reasons that she is used to him being her twin and all. She doesn't like asking for help, although it would depend on the issue.. If something is serious enough and it is out of her league she will get help.. The problem is sometimes her not realizing she is out of her league.

Elizabeth is quite smart and curious about the world around her loves exploring the land around the manor,  just as much as reading a good book particularly about ghosts and demons. She is really into the supernatural, in her heart of hearts she believe Ghosts and other things like that exist even if no one believes her. She still recounts the day they believed her brother had died and suddenly came back to life. It scared her beyond belief, but it sparked her belief in it.

She is incredibly loyal to her family, has sworn she would sacrifice even herself if it would help any of them.


Personal Background Elizabeth was born with her twin brother Elias to Orin and Joanna Silvertongue. She was a healthy baby and very happy only ever cried when she was hungry. As she got older she was content to explore her home and do her lessons. When her brothers when off to cause trouble she was content to read.. or sneak off after them to see what they got up to.

When she and Elias were 7 she remember her brother Micah being really hurt and even told that he had died. They were all there to say their goodbyes to him when he suddenly came back to life. It scared her half to death as she believed he was possessed by a demon or a type of spirit she read about in her books. Turns out it really was just him that came back to them and not a demon, she reasoned it was his ghost that came back to his body and he returned to life. Ever since then she had a interest and belief in the supernatural things like that.

She was taught how to fight by the Lordships knights even though some boys made fun of her for it. That she was girl and should be off fighting anything. Even as she got older the knights that taught her took it easy on her and she considered it quite an injustice, that she was made fun of and limited just because she was a girl. It was in this attitude that had her going off getting in trouble but she was not so much like her brother that she antagonized her father. She accepted punishment if it was delivered to her, but she didn't let it actually stop her from continuing if she thought if was worth it. She loved talking with her older brother about things that seemed stupid to them. It helped her vent some of her stress anyway.

On the night Micah and her father had a massive fight over something, Micah made someone mad or something she wasn't sure on the hole story. She was inclined to believe it hadn't been Micah's fault. That the other person had to have deserved it and she so much had told her father that before storming off herself. Her mother had gone after her to calm her down and took her to say goodbye to her brother along with her younger siblings. She tried to bring Elias with her to, but he had uncharacteristically refused. She even fought with him a bit about why he wouldn't come. But her twin wouldn't budge, and tearfully she left him on his own and went to see Micah off.

Things were different when Micah left, it wasn't the same for her and she got a slight anger streak in her for a time. There were days she opened defied her father over little things giving her own little rebellion over him making Micah leave. Elias was upset with Micah for leaving them while she was mad at their father for making him leave. After a while she got used to her older brother not being there but still she missed him a lot. She was always happy to get a letter from him about his adventures.

She met a new friend just after her 13th birthday it was her father squire she met him after archery training one day, she found him really funny.

Then her Father and eldest brother Connor were called off to war along with most of there army. She was rather sad her father squire had to go as well. The whole thought of them going off the war left her scared inside. What if they didn't come back?

Then one night the news arrived that their army had been slaughtered along with their Lord and his Son. She felt lost after hearing that her Father and brother were not coming back, she stuck close to Elias for a while, worried about him even though he wasn't out fighting she didn't want anyone to take him away. Things went really odd when Elias was made Lord of there house, she worried about him even more then.. She could see the stress in her brothers whole being.

She had just got news there was one survivor from the ambush that killed her father and brother. She fathers squire had survived but her was severely injured and weak from his trip back. She felt she had nothing else really to look after him..

Things still felt unreal to her, like she would wake up from this odd nightmare...

Family House Background
The Silvertongue family have been at the head of Riverstone for many generations. They are a house of linguists with the power of many different words and tongues. Diplomats from many other lands sought their assistance in dealing with their homeland. In recent generations however a grand silver mine was discovered in the heart of their land, and houses that had once been their allies now seek rights to the mine as well. With the mine brought great riches to Riverstone and its people, but with it brought war and betrayal as well. It has been up to the reigning Lord to determine who gets rights to mine some of their silver and who can't. So far, with a moderate army and good diplomats, they have kept House wars at bay. However with a young now Lord on the silver throne many believe the balance has tipped.

Also related to the Fosters on her mothers side

The Fosters are a Craftsmen House, quite talented smiths in making armour and grand swords meant for the best warriors, no one could match their skill in such matters. They were the sole suppliers of Armor and weapons to the Crown making them a highly respected house among the kingdoms.

-Other information-

Too much Pride
Impulsive Temper/Sensitive
Not Very Diplomatic
Good at Archery
Theme song:(optional: A song the inspires your character)
Misc Information: (Optional, Just anything extra you want to add about your Character)
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WIP Elizabeth Silvertongue
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