A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Lady Joanna Silvertongue

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Madison Isaac

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PostSubject: Lady Joanna Silvertongue    Tue Apr 21, 2015 4:51 am


In Character

Name:Joanna Silvertongue (nee Foster)
Gender: Female
Rank/Title: Lady


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Lord Duncan and Catherine Foster
Grandparents: TBA
Siblings: Jonathan, Lilian, and Sera
Aunts & Uncles: TBA
Nieces & Nephews: Tiberius, Rosanna, and Kailan
Cousins: TBA
Children: Anna, Connor, Micah, Elias, Elizabeth, Torin, Rachel
Grandkids: Unnamed Grandson*


Skin color: Fair
Hair Color: Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Green
Size: 5,7
Build: Fit for her Age
Celebrity PlaybyCate Blanchett


Crushes: None
Mates/Spouse: Orin Silvertongue
Status: Widow

-How I act-

Personality: Joanna is a kind woman at heart but has a hard shell around her, and she is trained to not let most people see her emotions and to strangers this can make her come off as cold or uncaring. The only person who she ever let her hard down with was her husband when they were alone. Once in a while her guard may come down for her children when they need her to, but she keeps it up normally. She believes it gives the appearance of what strength she has left. She does have her limit to how far her shell can be strained before it breaks.

Her temper is a cold one, it can enter her voice and it has even made armed men tremble when they have pushed to far. She greatly dislikes disrespect and those that don't bother with it. She never shows fear of being hurt by anyone and doesn't flinch if even a sword is pointed at her. Some have called her brave, and others have said reckless.

On one hand though she had shown greats acts of compassion and kindness, if a situation shows the need for it.


Personal Background Joanna was born as a twin with her brother Jonathan as the eldest children of there house. After she and her brother two more sisters joined them, Lillian when they were 3 and Sera when they were 5.

Lord Duncan and Lady Catherine were strict parents and had all there children highly educated and all forms of study. Even the girls studied the art of combat. They also were taught the dangerous game of intrigue and how to survive in the courts. The Fosters were a powerful family with all there trades and connections to the crown. But it was a dangerous spot to be in if one was not very smart and level headed.

Joanna hated the whole game as a young woman but she was very good at it. When it was discovered some of there allies were plotting against them she herself arranged the marriage between Lord Orin and herself securing an alliance with the house of the kingdoms diplomats and gaining the power the make her allies turned rivals pay dearly. Fortunately for her, her plan worked and her families rivals reconsidered there plans.

She never considered that she may actually fall in love with her husband, it was supposed to be a marriage of an alliance and it turned into something much more then that. She found a man who could see past her cold shell and care about her in a way she didn't think anyone would.

Not after to long with this realization they had a child, a baby girl they named Anna. She was a beautiful little girl and Joanna's cold exterior melted every time she held the little girl. A few years later they had a boy they named Connor, who looked just like his father. Then along came Micah not long after, his delivery was a difficult one, long and left her rather ill for a while after. But he was very healthy baby good appetite, very good lungs, and very strong for a baby. When he was a toddler he would fall all the time, Orin worried he would injure or kill himself before his 5th year. But the boy was strong and more then survived he flourished in trouble and making his father furious.

It was a whole before she found out she was with child again, Micah was 5, however the pregnancy didn't last, she fell very ill in a cold winter night on the 5th month of the pregnancy and the baby did not make it much to the Maester's efforts. Joanna hide the pain she felt from the loss of the baby, though she was sure Orin knew she felt it.. However the more she felt the more stronger she felt she needed to be for her still thriving children.

Anna had turned in to her pride and took up a interest in being a diplomats like those the Silvertongue were known for. Connor was just like his father and excelled in combat, and Micah he of course excelled at getting into trouble and testing his fathers patience.

Couple years later she discovered she was with child again, the loss of the last one was still in her mind and as much as she would not admit it to anyone she feared for this one as well, particularly with Orin away on a mission for the king. Her fears were realized one day during a lesson she was supervising with Anna when she quite suddenly felt a lot of pain and collapsed in front of her daughter. Next thing she knew the Maester was standing next to her with her on a bed and informing her of what happen. Between knowing this happened in front of her daughter and the pain she felt for loosing another child she cried for the first time since she was very young. She said nothing of it until Orin returned as she didn't want to show anymore weakness in front of her children then she already had.

Eventually she healed over the events and even started to consider she couldn't bare children anymore and she put that much more effort into educating her children in how to navigate and excel in the world around them and to be strong.

Years later, not long after Micah's 10th birthday Joanna found out she was with child again. She worried and felt fear about loosing this one to.. She hated it, was not in her nature to express such worry about herself. She would frequently go to the maester to makes sure everything was normal. The pregnancy was hard but she carried the baby for months longer then the last 2 failed ones. She only hoped she would make it through the birth. She made if full term and she was quite large, larger then she remembered being with her other children. She was put on bed rest considering her past History and age, a week later she went into labour. And rather quickly a baby girl was born. But not long after her birth Joanna felt another burst of pain from her abdomen she was confused until she was told she had another baby a boy. She had Twins a boy and a girl. Elizabeth and Elias the two babies she considered her second chance after loosing the other 2 before.

Elizabeth was strong baby and the bigger of the twins, Elias was smaller and was always more likely to catch a fever when one went around. Much to her relief the boy grew out of it after their first birthday, even though he was still the smaller of the twins.

With babies in the house again Joanna was back to being very busy with them and making sure her older kids keep up with their studies. Anna was exceptional as a Diplomat and when she became a young woman Orin and her agreed she was ready to go out in the world as an official Silvertongue ambassador. It was there Anna met her future husband who she eventually married.

Connor was growing ever closer to his father and excelling in combat. However it seemed the closer Conner got the his father the further Micah seemed to get. The boy got more an more rebellious the older he got, The moment Orin cautioned him not to do something he did the exact opposite. She could sympathise with the boy he was his own person after all but she could not condone his disrespect of his own father. She tried to smooth things over with the father and son but both were very stubborn men even she could not fix things.

Not long after the twins turned 5 Joanna was with child yet again, this pregnancy went off without a problem this time and she had another baby boy who they named Torin after his father. It was interesting to see the twins react to the baby she was sure they would be great older siblings as the baby grew a little.

Torin had just turned 2 years old when Micah gave them all a big scare after a night of the much ale and a fight he was beaten to a very bad state. So bad he looked dead, the Maester even declared him dead, So she was quite heartbroken in the family wake for him. But imagine her feeling when he suddenly opened his eyes and was back to life. She didn't care about anything at that moment she sobbed and hugged her son simply glad he was not dead. When he was healed up enough however she hit him with the hardest book she could find and told the boy never to scare her like that again.

About a year later Joanna came to be with another child, considering her age and past miscarriages she was meant to take it easy and luckily without any complication she gave birth to a baby girl who they named Rachel.

Tensions between Micah and Orin started to rise again and their fights became more and more sever. The final straw one night was when Micah angered a important emissary from the crown. The man was a rude and rough and flaunted his rank like nothing she ever seen, she could not blame Micah for loosing his temper with him yet being a member of the Silvertongue he technically should have known better then to irritate anyone from the Crown. Such a fuss was made with it that dealt that if Micah was not exiled for his actions serious actions would made against them. They had no choice it meant the had to exile their son. She didn't want to she tried and faught with Orin and allowing Micah to remain. She was slightly successful, he may have been labeled as exile but he would be allowed to return to the kingdom when things cooled down. However Orin and Micah fought severely over the issue and resulted in her son storming out of the Manor swearing he was never going to return. She had a feeling they were words spoken in anger and the heat of the moment. But it seemed Orin and Elias felt differently and didn't come to see Micah off when he left.. She had to see him off and made him promise to keep himself safe out there. The family was heart broken with the events but life went on. She sent word to Micah when she could she also knew Elizabeth wrote to him quite frequently.

Couple years after that the crown was off the war with another kingdom and called Orin and her son Connor to battle for them. It was considered an honour that they go and fight plus perhaps with Silvertongue in the battle perhaps a cease fire could be reached. But it was not meant to be, and she received word that her husband and son were killed in a ambush along with all the men that went with them. The only survivor was a badly wounded squire who had served her husband. Joanna knew she had to be strong now more then ever when everything else looked so bleak. Even though she herself could almost not handle the pain, nights became long and sleepless.

Elias was the new Lord of the house with Connor Dead and Micah exiled. She could only imagine the pressure her young son was under.. they has suffered a terrible blow and it was not over yet. Other houses knew of their weak state and their silver mine it was only a matter of time before the trouble descended on them. Joanna held her head high, she held little power now with Orin dead but she would die before she saw her family fall.

She wrote to all those beyond the family walls she trusted, her brother Jonathon, Micah and Anna she hoped if they could come together something could done to keep the family safe.

Family House Background
The Fosters are a Craftsmen House, quite talented smiths in making armour and grand swords meant for the best warriors, no one could match their skill in such matters. They were the sole suppliers of Armor and weapons to the Crown making them a highly respected house among the kingdoms.

Is now married into the Silvertongue Family.

-Other information-

Very Stubborn, is unwilling to back down to anyone even if she is in danger.
Has too much pride.

Very Brave

Theme song:(optional: A song the inspires your character)
Misc Information: (Optional, Just anything extra you want to add about your Character)
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Lady Joanna Silvertongue
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