A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Micah Silvertongue

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Dorian Leventhal

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PostSubject: Micah Silvertongue   Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:04 am


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub
Age: Almost 30

In Character
Name: Micah Silvertongue
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Rank/Title: Lord (in Exile)


Parents: Joanna and Oran Silvertongue
Grandparents: TBA
Siblings: Anna, Connor, Elizabeth, Elias, Torin, and Rachel
Aunts & Uncles: TBA
Nieces & Nephews: TBA
Cousins: TBA
Children: None yet (as far as he knows)
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Blue
Size: 5’ 11”
Build: Muscular
Celebrity Playby Aidan Turner


Crushes: Would you like a list?
Mates/Spouse: N/A
Status: Unmarried

-How I act-

Personality: Micah has the infamous reputation of being one of the most rebellious of Lord Oran and Lady Joanna’s sons. If the Maester instructed him to do things one way, Micah would ultimately find a different way – his way – of doing the very same thing. His obstinacy frequently caused him to clash with his father and eldest brother, and Micah’s short temper has rarely made matters better. When Micah is unable to get his way or is otherwise thwarted he will silently brood or unexpectedly snap at the first thing that dares to move within his line of sight, or speak within earshot of him. Although Micah speaks well as per his Silvertongue lineage, the man prefers and more often than not relies on action to communicate and discern the truth, lies, and/or intentions of others.

Despite this tendency to rebel and his possession of an incredibly short temper, Micah also loves to have fun and believes there are many ways to have a good time. At present his favorite activities are fighting, drinking, and impressing the ladies however possible (or purchasing their interest, if necessary). Those aren’t the only ways to have fun, he knows. Micah also enjoys playfully irritating his sisters, as well as finding new and creative ways to spark his father’s ire. Only occasionally would Micah take amusement in embarrassing their mother with his childish antics, but rarely did he push beyond his mother’s limits. For all of his delight in playful torment of his kin, Micah is loyal to and protective of his family. So long as Micah is on watch, he is confident no harm will befall them.

Since exile, Micah has managed to retain some of his happy-go-lucky, don’t-have-a-care attitude. He trusts, and has always trusted, very few people outside of the circle of his family and friends. As previously stated: Micah measures a person’s trustworthiness by their actions, not their words. The best profession Micah has found in exile is that of a sellsword. In this realm he may not be the most loyal employee if offered a higher price for a particular bounty, and he has no qualms with certain doing the work so long as the task doesn’t go against his personal code of honor. When he’s not fighting off his latest attackers, or tracking down a wanted individual, Micah is most often found sharpening his axe while nursing a tall pitcher of ale... sometimes trying to forget the circumstances that led him to his exile in the first place.


Personal Background
Micah is the second born son of Oran and Joanna Silvertongue. The first few years of the boy’s life was as a large, lumbering, bulky baby. He lacked all innate sense of grace that his elder brother had, and apparently lacked the ability to feel pain as he constantly ran into things: most often head first. On more than one occasion of Micah’s accident-prone early years, Oran would mutter to his wife regarding Micah’s questionable life expectancy.

As Micah grew older and undertook combat and strength training, his accident-prone nature dissipated. This was also about the time that the child took to being rebellious and possessing the obstinacy of an entire team of oxen. The Maester would instruct him one way, and Micah would either do the opposite or find a brand new way to do the same thing. Food fights would break out at the dining hall at his not-so-subtle coaxing. Once new siblings were old enough to dine in the hall, Micah had even more targets to pick from.

When it was revealed that his mother was to have another baby, Micah’s first reaction was that of mixed confusion and uncertainty. The thought of being an older brother pleased him greatly, for he and Connor bickered relentlessly. When it came time for Joanna to give birth, and the shock of a twin birthing swept the House, Micah knew this birth was special despite his young age. Between the two, Micah tended to tease and get into trouble with Elias more frequently than Elizabeth... though this was mostly because Elizabeth would leave him and Elias to have their fun.

Despite all of the teasing Micah put his siblings through, he does not tolerate others outside the family treating them this way. Against Lord Oran’s wishes to let Elias deal with a child bully on his own terms, Micah saw fit to bloody the nose of the kid that dared to torment Elias while in Micah’s line of sight. A similar incident happened with a young man desiring Elizabeth’s favor, but Elizabeth wasn’t inclined to give it. The moment Micah saw the suitor make an advance he acted: Micah pulled Elizabeth away, and threatened the other boy if so much as a fingernail was laid on Elizabeth without her consent again. These weren’t the only instances in which Micah acted on behalf of protecting his younger siblings. Whether they truly needed that protection or not, he was there... and Micah often used a more force against the tormenter than what was actually necessary.

As Micah grew into his teenage years, he became increasingly restless and even more of a rebel than he had been as a child. He knew how to get into trouble and did so with precise deliberation, always managing to sweep his toes just under the figurative line drawn by his parents. Micah clashed even more frequently with his father, earning many a punishment. Oran might as well have been punishing an anvil for all the good it did. Arguments with Joanna were few, and she did not approve of all of the verbal battles between father and son. The only one that really seemed to understand him was Elizabeth. It was awkward for Micah at first to confide in his little sister about the perceived injustices of Lordly life. Finding out she too was a bit of a rebel helped to put him at ease.

In short order, another little boy was born into the family: Torin. Micah was amused at Elias’s uncertainty, remembering a time when he felt the same way. He didn’t interact with Torin much until the boy was old enough to understand things, but he did stand watch at the door and check under the bed for monsters when the kid requested it, just as he had done and would continue to do for any of his younger siblings.

Micah scared his entire family shortly after turning seventeen. It wasn’t unusual for Micah to drink heavily or start fights at that age, so it was an evening like any other: too much ale, not enough going on to keep Micah entertained, so he started a fight with someone a few years his senior. It was a brutal brawl, and at the end of it Micah had been soundly beaten and bloodied to the point where even the Maester thought he was dead. It was a time of mourning for all of the Silvertongues, and Maester Iestyn began preparations for the wake.

Several minutes before Micah’s funeral pyre was to be set ablaze, the man woke up in a startled haze. He gazed, confused, at those in attendance as Elizabeth screamed (thinking him a ghost or some other unnatural reanimation) and Joanna rushed over to hug him. Elias coaxed from Micah something of a graveside grin by laughing and saying he knew that Micah had been faking it the whole time. Given the pallor on the boy’s face, Micah knew that that wasn’t the whole truth.

A couple of years later saw Micah at the age of nineteen, and entirely unchanged from the hardheaded, fight-picking, ale-and-women-loving youth he had always been. Arguments continued to break out between Micah and Oran in varying severity. Occasionally it looked like the pair would come to blows, and then – frequently at Joanna’s urging – they would walk away to cool off in whatever manner each preferred.

The worst of the father and son spats occurred when Micah angered the wrong person to such a degree that they went to Oran to see that Micah be put in his place. Micah’s deeds had not been enough to threaten open war, but in order to keep the peace the demanded punishment was Micah’s exile not only from Riverstone, but from the entire kingdom. Joanna did what she could to intervene, and Oran negotiated as much as he could. After the sentencing Oran once again went to Micah to inform him that he would be welcome to return after things blew over, but he would be unable to become Lord or own land in the kingdom. Micah, hotheaded as ever in his ways, promised Oran that he would never be coming back. Micah was unaware that Elias had overheard him, and that his younger siblings were in debate whether or not he would actually leave.

Micah was awake before dawn and preparing his horse when several of his family came to see him off. The only ones missing were the Maester, Anna – who had long since been married off, Elias, and Oran. Connor had few words to say other than to take care, but offered a strong handshake in which Micah could feel that his elder brother would miss him. Micah assured his mother he would take care of himself. Elizabeth was also present, and had brought the youngest of their siblings. Rachel bid him a swift return which made Micah smile sadly, for she was only a couple of years old and did not understand. Torin, ever the curious one, asked him where he would go and what he would do; Micah didn’t have many solid responses for him other than he was going across the sea, and would probably become a soldier of some sort... and offhandedly mentioned something about wanting to fight a dragon. Micah told Elizabeth to make sure she kept everyone in line, in an attempt to make his departure a little lighter. He noticed, and rather painfully at that, that Elias was not amongst the farewell party. Looking back upon that chilled morning, Micah wished he could forget the tears of sadness on their faces.

The Maester had given Micah just enough silver to gain passage west to the realm of Zinat: a rough-and-tumble desert land whose ways and words of law were as changeable as the winds. Once there Micah would have enough for a modest place to live, and he would have to make a living for himself instead of the luxury he had back in Riverstone.

For six years, Micah has lived his life in Zinat as a sellsword. His home is wherever the wind takes him, or wherever costs the cheapest coin to stay the night. Elizabeth sends him letters from time to time to keep him updated on the goings-on of Riverstone and their family. Occasionally he will receive one from his mother to update him on things she feels may concern him. Since his exile he has learned that Anna bore a son to her husband... but Micah has yet to receive word of the latest news from home.

Family House Background
The Silvertongue family have been at the head of Riverstone for many generations. They are a house of linguists with the power of many different words and tongues. Diplomats from many other lands sought their assistance in dealing with their homeland. In recent generations however a grand silver mine was discovered in the heart of their land, and houses that had once been their allies now seek rights to the mine as well. With the mine brought great riches to Riverstone and its people, but with it brought war and betrayal as well. It has been up to the reigning Lord to determine who gets rights to mine some of their silver and who can't. So far, with a moderate army and good diplomats, they have kept House wars at bay. However with a young now Lord on the silver throne many believe the balance has tipped.

-Other information-

- Boastful; overconfident
- Bad temper
- His family (particularly protective of the younger siblings)
- Doesn’t take things seriously when a serious approach is sorely needed

- Combat in all its forms
- Charming
- Loyal
- Tenacious

Theme song: Indestructible by Disturbed

Misc Information:
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Micah Silvertongue
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