A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Cassidy Hailsham

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Cassidy Hailsham

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PostSubject: Cassidy Hailsham   Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:41 pm

Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: KD

In Character

Name: Cassidy Hailsham
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Career: Spa/Salon Owner, though since Virus outbreak has taken up tattooing on the side.


Parents: Richard and Emmeline Hailsham, Donovan and Karissa Vager
Grandparents: Ashton and Marisol Hailsham, Sophia and Levi Vager
Siblings: none
Aunts & Uncles: Ellen Haskell, Jessamine Igor, Thomas Igor, Henry Kensington, Marissa Kensington
Nieces & Nephews: none
Cousins: None close to Cassidy
Children: none
Grandkids: none


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Raven
Hair length: Shoulder-length
Eye color: green 
Size: slender
Build: petite
Celebrity Playby Tarja Turunen


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: Charles Pembrooke
Status: Relatively-happily Widowed (was in the middle of divorce proceedings when virus broke out)

-How I act-

Personality: Despite her fortunate upbringing, Cassidy is no stranger to hard work and is surprisingly humble. She looks at everyone eye to eye and makes friends rather easily. She is ambitious though and quite competitive so even something so small as a rabble tennis game will be taken to the next level. Admittedly though, she does still see value in money and will, at least in prior times, use it as a leverage to get her way, whether it be in the business world or something more personal. Overall though, Cassidy is a relatively personable individual, though admittedly with a twisted humor at times.


Your Story Please? Having been born to Richard Hailsham, an owner of a successful record label, Cassidy lived a relatively privileged life. Often, she was in the care of Nannies and Butlers while her parents traveled and entertained, as required by their profession. However, contrary to the typical spoiled child given everything wanted on demand, Cassidy was taught how to gain her own profits. Once she was of age to read and write she accompanied her parents, learning first hand how to achieve success in the business world, in addition to attending the top private schools and, eventually, Oxford.

It was during her years at University that she met Charles Pembrooke, the man who would eventually become her husband. They met during an English class during Cassidy's freshman year and his sophomore year. It was during a pop quiz on a book Cassidy had yet to even purchase. Seeing her blank paper, Charles offered her a glance at his paper in exchange for a date. Although she was suspicious at first her desperation to succeed and pass the class outweighed the cons and she readily accepted. Four years later, the two were married in a large, lavish ceremony.

Hailing from successful clans, the two were eager to make their mark on the business world. Cassidy opened her own spa with branches in New York City, London, Paris, and Milan, while Charles purchased a prominent airline company and expanded. Unfortunately, despite all the successes in their names and finances from their respective businesses, their personal life and relationship began to crumble. It started slowly with the two growing apart, rarely seeing each other due to their various travels, and eventually ended when Cassidy discovered her husband's affair with his secretary, Lisa. She had arrived earlier than she had anticipated and had hurried home to see her husband to spend time with him before he too had to leave in a business trip only to find her husband and Lisa upon their bed, with the latter even wearing her dressing gown.

Angered at the betrayal Cassidy stormed off, on the first plane away from New York City, which happened to be Prague. She had no true care as to where she was to go,  merely anywhere but here. She had every intention of filing for divorce the moment she landed in Prague, however the unexpected occurred when she arrived: the virus outbreak. Instead of the hustling, bustling airport she was accustomed to seeing Cassidy was met only with the sight of complete death before her. Panicked, she hurried on the plane she had arrived in and flew back to New York, only to see that the virus had reached there too. 

Unable to decide where to go and not knowing who else was still alive, Cassidy did the only thing she could think of and returned to her spa in the city, moving into the penthouse at the top. At spent day, she still resides there with a 'Now Hiring' sign placed jokingly in the front. She has also taken up tattooing on the side. Prior to the virus, there had been a rather successful Tattoo Parlor next to her spa which had caused great annoyance since Cassidy had originally felt such a place to deter from her own spa's upper-class design. Now, however, it was her source of entertainment as she has recently become a master in body modification having learned from practicing on the abundance of corpses that surrounds everywhere. They, she jokingly says, won't ever mind a mishap, so why not practice on them? Typically, she can be found in her spa or out and about in the city with her loyal Pomeranian, Lucifer, at her side within her purse.

-Other information-

- Rather short attention span, needs to be occupied somehow or else will fidget uncontrollably.
- Is not accustomed to manual labor, will always try to find someone to do something for her, in her stead.
- Holds belief that money can buy everything.
- Charismatic, makes friends rather easily
- Creative, always manages to find outlet for excess energy
- Holds a wide range of humor and is rally disheartened by anything.
Favorite Color: Grey
Theme song: I Want My Tears Back By Nightwish
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Cassidy Hailsham
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