A massive deadly virus sweaped over earth living only one percent of the population intact. Can the remaining survivors rebuild?
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 Dorian Leventhal

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Dorian Leventhal

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PostSubject: Dorian Leventhal   Thu Oct 06, 2011 10:18 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub_Rosa ... or just ‘Sub’
Age: Mid 20s
Note: Avid Alice Cooper fan

In Character
Name: Dorian Leventhal
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Career: Owner of a unique 3-part building that contains a nightclub, a casino, and an arcade.


Parents: Samuel and Veronica (nee King) Leventhal
Grandparents: Gerald and Elizabeth Leventhal; David and Stephanie King
Siblings: Jason Leventhal (presumed dead)
Aunts & Uncles: Camilla “Millie” Leventhal; William “Billie” King
Nieces & Nephews: Rosemarie Leventhal (presumed dead)
Cousins: Douglas Leventhal; Miranda King
Children: Stephanie Leventhal (presumed dead, but is not)
Grandkids: None (yet?)


Skin color: Pale tan
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Shoulder
Eye color: Grayish blue
Size: 5’ 8”
Build: Slender

Celebrity Playby Alice Cooper


Crushes: Scarlette Burton
Mates/Spouse: Gail (nee Kreuger) Leventhal (d. 2001); Scarlette Burton
Status: Alone and ambivalent about it

-How I act-

Personality: Dorian is very much a boy (or more aptly put: rebellious teenager) in a man’s body. His primary concern is typically to have a good time or what would be most fun at that particular moment. He does not really appreciate being described as ‘hedonistic’ due to the fact it parallels the literary character he’d been named after, but that is exactly what he is. Dorian is very easy to excite or anger, and is erratic with his mood. One moment he can be laughing and smiling, and in the next scowling and violent.

He also has a problem with authority. Ever since Dorian was a child he dreamed of being his own boss so that no one could tell him what he should do, how to act, et cetera. A lot of this showed up as arrogance throughout the man’s life. Many incidents in Dorian’s past can be explained by his desire to just do what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants. Little true remorse or apology ever leave this guy’s lips, giving him a layer of callousness. He does not like to be sad or upset and will avoid these emotions like the plague or replace them with something he is more comfortable with, such as anger.

On the flipside to Dorian’s hedonistic ways, he has the potential to be just the opposite. This is especially true when it comes to his daughter, Stephanie. When it comes to his daughter Dorian does a complete 180 degree turn. He is stern in making sure her schoolwork is done, her room is clean... everything needs to be perfect or very close to it. Dorian often finds dealing with Stephanie to be a trying task for they are both very much alike and refuse to submit to sources of authority.

Overall, Dorian internally possesses little regard for the rules and laws that once reigned supreme. His goal is generally not to do harm to anyone, but he does have a dark streak and will not hesitate to do what he must to survive (his definition of the word ‘survive’ is rather loose). Despite a great love for his significant other and his daughter, he is not too concerned with the fact that he is now seemingly all alone in this world. In fact the policy of having no rules and no one to punish him for breaking those rules suits him just fine.


Your Story Please? Dorian is the younger of two children born to Samuel and Veronica Leventhal. Veronica was a literature professor at a local community college and had an affinity for horror films. It is from the movie Friday the 13th that she named her eldest child Jason, and from The Portrait of Dorian Grey that she named her second child – you guessed it – Dorian. Because of Dorian’s thrill- and pleasure-seeking ways he is occasionally called out as a hedonist much like the character in literature had been. It is not a label he is overly fond of, but it is mostly true: his penchant for fun has been in existence since before he could crawl.

If one were to ask Dorian Leventhal, he’d tell you right out that from the get-go his parents were far too strict with him. The strict upbringing as a boy only caused him to rebel even harder. Getting into trouble was something that came naturally to him. He was strongly against growing up, and his body matured without him. As he entered his teenage years, Dorian had two goals in mind: a job in which he could be his own boss, and having fun. Unfortunately his ideas of ‘fun’ often landed him in jail and with a juvenile criminal record. Vandalism was the most frequent offense, though various cases of larceny, assault, and vehicular crimes such as hijacking and speeding also stained his files at the police station. It was only after coming dangerously close to suffering severe consequences from his family (and getting close to the age where he could be tried as an adult) that made him mellow out some.

During this semi-mellow stage of Dorian’s life if a task was not blatantly fun he was disinterested in doing it. His father often referred to him as a lay-about deadbeat of a son. This did little to motivate Dorian to prove Samuel wrong. Eventually Dorian was forced by Samuel to move out and find a job on his own. His first job was at an arcade and pool hall: the task seemed super easy and he was surrounded by games all day. Sometimes, he would even give some of the kids playing tips for the machines. The job lasted little more than three years when Dorian was finally fired (after many a warning) for theft of company time. He had been playing the various video games more than he actually worked.

In 1985 Dorian married his high school sweetheart, Gail Kreuger. Arrangements for the wedding had been rocky and culminated in a fight between Dorian and brother-in-law-to-be, Floyd Kreuger. Floyd broke Dorian’s nose at the reception party, which effectively cancelled honeymoon plans and potentially got their marriage off to a rough start. Gail asked for the marriage to be annulled after an argument with a pig-headed Dorian while he was recovering in the hospital.

Not long after recovering from his broken nose, Dorian once again encountered Floyd. Dorian, repentant for what he had said and done while in the hospital, had decided to make it up to Gail and wanted to once again try and “tie the knot”. Naturally, Floyd was less than thrilled and once again they fought. The barroom brawl ended with Floyd’s death at Dorian’s hands. A trial that followed just barely managed to get Dorian off on the self-defense plea.

One year after this event Dorian and Gail officially married, giving birth to daughter Stephanie Leventhal in the summer of 1988. Dorian argued relentlessly with Gail over Stephanie’s education when the girl became old enough to attend school. Gail wanted to homeschool her daughter, yet Dorian insisted a public atmosphere would suit their daughter best. They eventually came to a compromise in which they would send her to a public school, yet also supplement her learning via home instruction. In regards to their home-teachings Dorian saw fit to actively teach his daughter the “fun” way, while Gail sought to instruct her the “right” way.

By the time Stephanie reached the second grade, Dorian had finally gotten his wish to be his own boss. In short the establishment was a three-part building consisting of a nightclub, a casino, and an arcade so that people of all ages and preferences might come for a night of fun. Because Dorian’s favorite holiday is Halloween, he saw fit to make that his central theme year-round. He did not enjoy the responsibility that came with it, but the freedom of being his own boss was a sort of heaven for him. No one could tell him what to do or when to do it, but he could issue duties to his employees!

Tragedy struck Dorian’s tower of fun and games during the terror attacks of September 2001. Gail, a high-powered businesswoman in her own right, had been on a trip to New York at the time and had been one of the innocents slaughtered. Stephanie had long since gone off to college. This left Dorian very much alone and with a long list of tasks he had absolutely no idea how to handle. He also didn’t want to handle these things, and resolved the issue the only way he knew how: drowning away the emotional distress in alcohol and promiscuity. This destructive behavior reached its peak when Dorian was called to identify the body of his wife. Instead of taking care of the funeral arrangements himself Dorian left it all for Stephanie to take care of, nearly forcing her to do it all in his stead. After the funeral, Stephanie returned to college and Dorian was once again left all alone.

For some time Dorian remained alone, save for casual relations. After experiencing the married life the man decided it just wasn’t for him. In fact, his new lifestyle was exciting and rather fun even though he knew that thought likely insulted his late wife to no end. During the year 2004 Dorian’s relationship with one Scarlette Burton slowly started to shift to something more meaningful. Although they never married the pair have stayed together for eight years, bringing us to the present...

On January 30, 2013, Dorian awoke that morning beside Scarlette as per their usual. Deciding to be romantic Dorian leaned forward to kiss the woman awake. The lack of movement and breath from the current love of his life terrified him. Despite all attempts to revive Scarlette, she was long since dead. For several hours he did not leave the body. Dorian didn’t want to part with her. Memories of the first love he’d lost assailed his mind and for the rest of the day and part of the next Dorian did little else but cradle her body in his arms. He needed to think... he needed Stephanie... Dorian knew he couldn’t handle arranging a funeral. He barely had the emotional fortitude to do it the last time.

His world having completely crashed down around his ears, Dorian spent that day cradling Scarlette’s body and doing quite a bit of thinking. He had no idea what had killed her and calling 911 was not an option since electricity appeared to have gone out. Were it not for the complete lack of wounds and had it not been a fact Scarlette had been with him the whole time, Dorian would have assumed electrocution to be a possible cause of death. That was about when he decided to drive to the hospital or city morgue – Dorian was not certain which would be best – and report the death.

When he ventured outside, a peculiar sight met his gray eyes. Utter chaos seemed to have befallen the world: people seemed to have simply keeled over in their cars, on the sidewalks, and so on. Neighbors who had left their windows open could be seen sprawled and unmoving across their living room floor. Everyone in his immediate area seemed to be dead. On this premise, Dorian concluded that everyone else everywhere else must also be dead. He was the last man on Earth...

Dorian mourned the death of Scarlette in his own awkward fashion. He did not know how to build a coffin and certainly wasn’t about to perform the laborious task of digging a grave. After removing valuables that Scarlette wore at all times Dorian carried the body outside and cremated it in his back yard. A numb sort of feeling washed over him as he forced himself to observe. He held a silk scarf once belonging to Scarlette to his mouth and nose as the body burned. Halfway through his own impromptu funeral service for Scarlette, Dorian walked away from the still-blazing fire. A completely different thought had struck him, and it was a much happier notion.

If he was the last person on the planet and had no one to answer to, Dorian could completely and officially do whatever he wanted. In his mind the thought was grand even though he would miss those he cared about. Dorian need not take responsibility or answer for anything he did now! Being the youth at heart that he was and always will be, Dorian strictly thought only one thing:

It’s party time!

-Other information-

Weakness: fears going to sleep (is afraid he might die in his sleep just like the world did), hedonistic, a bit lazy, allergic to mango, short temper, has the potential to be cruel
Strengths: creative, determined, innovative, bartending experience, some mechanical knowledge, gambling and games
Favorite Color: Black
Theme Song Before the Virus: Toy Master by Avantasia (featuring Alice Cooper)
Theme Song After the Virus Hit: Last Man on Earth by Alice Cooper
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Dorian Leventhal
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